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1. Posted by tgogrichiani (Inactive 33 posts) 2y

Has anyone been to SunnyBeach Bulgaria, ?
My bf and I wanted to see black sea shore and are thinking of
SunnyBeach, but find little info about the place, at least current info.
Any thoughts appreciated.

2. Posted by tgogrichiani (Inactive 33 posts) 2y

this summer for example :)

3. Posted by dxdwro (Budding Member 36 posts) 2y


I was there last year in July.

Tell me what you are expecting. Do you want to go to a quiet place or rather noisy with a lot of young people, discotheques etc.? Sunny Beache is rather the 2nd option.

The beach and the sea is very nice, there is Nesebyr- small old town wort seeing. There are also possibility of boac cruises, jeep safaris etc. People are very nice and friendly and it is a cheap place comparing to other I have been so far.

Just let me know what exactly do you need to know and I will try to answer :-)

4. Posted by tgogrichiani (Inactive 33 posts) 2y

you know some of the travelers say that if you're looking for something special, traditional food or a better scenery go search other place, I've googled photos and it looks fine I don't know why this people say such stuff... I'm just thinking not planning so I've got a time to decide :) thank you

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6. Posted by dxdwro (Budding Member 36 posts) 2y

Well. If you like sandy beaches, warm sea, and a little bit of fun in the evenings you can go there. It is definitely not a place for people interested in architecture as there are only hotels built in about 1980 and later. But if you are going there for 2 weeks consider going to Istanbul (if you also like city breaks and take your passport because ID card does not allow you to enter Turkey) Istanbul is only about 370 km from Sunny Beach. And there is also a hugh aquapark close to S.B. where you can spend all day (there are free of charge bus services many times a day) and many other options to spend time in a way you like. And as I wrote- it is cheap so you can do a lot and eat a lot and spend little money.

7. Posted by tgogrichiani (Inactive 33 posts) 2y

oh thank you Istanbul is a good idea worth thinking. if I decide to go on SunnyBeach I'll surely include Isanbul in my plans :)

8. Posted by swaroopa (Inactive 9 posts) 2y

I have not been there, but I have heard of this beach and I got information through this post. Thank you for the post.

9. Posted by tgogrichiani (Inactive 33 posts) 2y

happy if it helped anybody ^_^