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Sunshine Coast/ Brisbane June!!

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1. Posted by bex_1990 (Budding Member 25 posts) 2y

Hey!! I'm currently in Australia (been here 7 months) doing my regional work and finish up at the end of May. Heading to the sunny coast then Brisbane start of June!
Anyone planning to be around there then? Won't know anyone all over again and need some travel buddies, plus I have my own car!
Becky xx

2. Posted by chrismch1 (Budding Member 34 posts) 2y

Hey Im heading out to Perth on the 19th of may then flying to sydney the week after and planning on going up the east coast! Not really planned much of it yet was going to see who was about sydney and what friends i could make hah. How has your trip been so far you been stain in hostels?

3. Posted by bex_1990 (Budding Member 25 posts) 2y

Ow yer awesome. Well I'm planning on hanging round south qld for a while as I'm soft now a days and don't like cold. Ha. Yer it's been awesome, I've not done much travelling though to be fair. No I've not been staying in hostels! Rented a room off friends in port douglas (where I was before) so this is going to be new for me!! How's your trip?

4. Posted by chrismch1 (Budding Member 34 posts) 2y

I've not started yet I'm still in Scotland at the minute can't wait to get out though!! Pretty handy bein able to rent a room! Did u go out yourself? U staying in hostels when u get up the coast a bit?

5. Posted by bex_1990 (Budding Member 25 posts) 2y

I see!! Well I was lucky and have friends live over here so I rented the room off them
The day I arrived!! Came out by myself though!! Yer will be staying in hostels after here. Stayed in a couple but only one night at a time! X

6. Posted by tgogrichiani (Inactive 33 posts) 2y

7 months working in australia wow ^_^ I'd be working happily too but I've got a phobia of insects

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8. Posted by Rianda (Full Member 71 posts) 2y

What sort of insects, no more here than anywhere else.

9. Posted by Azelea (Budding Member 4 posts) 2y


I've been in Australia the last year now too and just finishing up my regional work. Gonna stay another month or so to try save up some more money before I travel.

I'm going to be in Brisbane/Gold Coast area the first two and half weeks of June. Would love to meet up and explore together. I am meeting some friends who will be there but they all have jobs and what not to busy themselves but either way I doubt I'll be with them all day everyday.

I'm planning on traveling from Cairns to Gold Coast starting 18 May and leaving 17 June from Brisbane as I'll be then headed for Vietnam for 2 weeks.

Let me know if you're around any of those places around those times!

10. Posted by Rianda (Full Member 71 posts) 2y

May met up with a couple of other young travellers in early June for a cuppa in Brisbane, must be a weekend as I also work full time but will get their date if they are interested. Probably around 15th. I am not a young traveller but still a traveller. if still interested we must set a date and I will put it in the diary. I leave for Ireland in late June for 3 weeks.

Would love to meet up.