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New Orleans to Las Vegas in 7 days

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1. Posted by Lucym777 (Budding Member 19 posts) 2y

Hello, I am planning a trip in August.

I want to fly to New Orleans, go on a little road trip for a week and then drive to meet my friends in Las Vegas.

So basically, I'd really like it if someone could help me to plan my route!

The 2 must see places for me are Memphis and Nashville but if anybody has any others to add then please do - I love music, festivals and any amazing must see sights.

I am all sorted for flights and car hire so it's just the route and accommodation to sort.

Am I mad trying to do this in a week or is it do-able?


2. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 783 posts) 2y

Go on Google maps & get directions from New Orleans to Las vegas = 1717 miles = 245 miles per day.
Sounds like an easy 5 hours driving a day should do it.

Check places on route = Dallas, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Go north a bit for the Grand Canyon.

Play with the line Google drew.

Happy travels.


3. Posted by Lucym777 (Budding Member 19 posts) 2y

That's a great idea, thank you! I've had a look and already feeling more confident about this.

Would still love to hear any recommendations of places to visit

4. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 783 posts) 2y


THis might help with the costs... Travel Math...

Taking in Memphis & Nashville = 2400 miles = 35 hours driving.. Still doable.


5. Posted by Freespiritforev (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y

That sounds so fun! :) I've never been to New Orleans but Vegas is a great time!

6. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 783 posts) 2y

Must see places on your route?

Try using the Trip Planner on TravellersPoint. It might have some suggestions.

Or , A quick Google search for ‘ Things to do in Memphis?’ brings up -

Graceland if you are into old, dead musicians.

Memphis Rock & soul museum.

Stax Museum & Sun Studio

And the not to be missed, National Ornamental Metal Museum!

Other Google searches ‘music venues in memphis tennessee’ & ‘music festivals in memphis tennessee in august 2014’ brings up all sorts of options.

Nashville has the Grand Old Oprey & all things Country & Western with lots of music venues.

Substitute any New Orleans or any place name in the searches & see what pops up.

There is so much to do in your first 3 stops you might not make it beyond Nashville, but on the way to Las Vegas you could make a side trip to Lubbock, Texas. Famous for another old dead musician, Buddy Holly.
If you are too young to remember Buddy Holly, look him up on U Tube. That'll Be The Day & Peggy Sue. Wearing Tuxedos & the bass was a double bass. Great stuff.

And Lubbock has the Stars & Stripes Drive-in Theater - don’t see too many of those in the UK, nor around here either.

7. Posted by Lucym777 (Budding Member 19 posts) 2y


Yes Graceland and Grand Old Oprey are on the top of my list of things to do and actually oretty much the reason for this trip (especially Graceland)

I completely agree that there is so much to do in the first 3 stops and I would quite happily spend my whole time there, but I feel like I should spread the journey out and do a bit of driving each day. I don't want to suddenly have to do 20 hrs in a day!

I am 32 and certainly do know who Buddy Holly is, I will definitely look into adding that stop on to my journey.

It's as I get closer to Vegas that I'm struggling to decide where to stop.

Thank you

8. Posted by Lucym777 (Budding Member 19 posts) 2y

Does anybody know of Amy cheap car hire places?

I thought I'd found and amazing deal and then read the small print and you have to pay an extra 740 dollars because the car is being dropped off in a different location.

That's nearly as much as the flights!!

9. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 783 posts) 2y

How about just doing New Orleans - Nashville - Memphis - New Orleans & then Fly for a couple of hundred dollars to Las Vegas. Save $540 and spend a bit more time in the music places.

It would probably be a nice ride from Memphis to Las Vegas but is a very long way.

If you do drive it, you might want to consider a bit of a northern route. Memphis to Denver.

I bussed from Denver to Las Vegas and there is some great scenery. Up the Rockies to Aspen. Down the Rockies to Moab & Arches park for amazing rock formations. Mesa Verde for the rock dwellings. Monument Valley for every cowboy film you have seen with a Butte in it. A helicopter ride over The Grand canyon. The Hoover dam & Las Vegas. Exhausting.

Happy travels.


10. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1998 posts) 2y

If you are looking for geography, why not go west to San Antonio and visit the Riverwalk, then on west to Carlsbad Caverns, then north to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, north to Mesa Verde National Park, then west to Monument Valley, on to the south end of Lake Powell, then south a short ways to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, then west to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, then south to Las Vegas.

There is also a Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah that would be on the last day of the trip above if you go during the sumer months.

Have fun.