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The map is not saving new destinations

Travel Forums System Talk The map is not saving new destinations

1. Posted by Toedeledokie (First Time Poster 1 posts) 2y

I am having trouble saving destinations on my map. I already have a lot of destinations in my map but since a week or longer i won't save annything. It seems to go well but when i view my blog later nothing is saved. I tried it from different computers on different locations.
Please help me to dettect the problem.


2. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 756 posts) 2y


You had more luck than me. I only managed to save 20, you have managed 49. So - I had to split my trip into bits.

On another point - I had a look at your blog and the map does not appear for me at first. When I went back, it shows. I had that problem too & found an alternative. If you add dates in your map stops that match the date of travel in the blog, TP inserts a link to your map. That worked well for me.

Nice blog by the way. I will have to get it translated as I will be around Laos next year.

Hopefully someone in IT will come along to help you in a bit.


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