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Sydney in August alone, should I go UltimateOz??

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Sydney in August alone, should I go UltimateOz??

1. Posted by em_squeak (Budding Member 16 posts) 2y

em_squeak has indicated that this thread is about Sydney

Im going to Sydney in August on my own and I'm wondering from people who have done the UltimateOz arrival package, is it worth it and the money? And if not, how easy is it to get started on your own, because I'm SO scared about being on my own for the first few days.

Hope to hear back,
Big love,
Emily x

2. Posted by Clairebear87 (Budding Member 11 posts) 2y

Hey Emily

I did OzIntro and loved it. I meet friends for life and went travelling up the east coast with some of them. if you are feeling scared defo do a travel package, makes your first week easier

but on the other hand, I know a lot of people who have just came out and stayed in a hostel and went from there

I would recommend Ozintro to anyone, we did loads on our first week, which is all included in the price

hope this helps chick, am here 5 months now and bloody love it
Claire x

3. Posted by Rhmyers (Budding Member 41 posts) 2y

It truly depends on the individual.

o You have gone on with your life with major support network.
So if that is what you want when you travel go with ozintro.
And having said that it would probably be easier/safer for a guy.
Or do you want to meet and experience Real Australians or more Americans your age?

o However, don't underestimate the personal satisfaction and confidence
you can / will develop by going it on your own.
Incidentally being scared and facing it, is part of all great epics, literature and spiritual journeys.
Having said that -- You do need to have some experience on independence
and some street smarts.

o Sydney is super easy to do alone.
You can get this Sydney Pass at the airport in different versions and durations
It includes a lot. First the trip to / from the airport to downtown Sydney.
I choose a place within walking distance of Opera house and most main attractions.
The pass also includes all bus, subway and local transportation.
It includes a lot of ferry tours ... of Sydney harbor. It includes a trip to the Zoo etc.
And best of all it includes two Big tours ( hop on and off) that go all around Sydney and
a second Out to the Ocean and Manley beach.
That was nearly a weeks worth.,, fabulous.

Then I flew to Cairns -- ... Did a lot -- the Barrier Reef Port Douglas, Daintree National Forest, West to the Outback was Terrific.. They don't advertise it but take the Development ?? Hyway west ... only about 2 hours ... and you are in the authentic Australian outback with the cast of characters and bars just like the movies. I did get a rental car for the trips. But their are tours, buses and trains.

The Ozies are big on thrill tours of all kinds etc. They are good for an adrenalin rush, but really channel you away from the Real way of life.

Check out the Links to the side of the Travelers Point on Sydney and google Sydney Pass.
There are lots of options... save yourself the daybyday and hourby hour -- figuring it out... time and angst and just go with the all inclusive $ 110.

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4. Posted by HattieJenks (Budding Member 50 posts) 2y

Emily, i am doing the same, arriving in Sydney early september alone nervous but completely exited x

5. Posted by em_squeak (Budding Member 16 posts) 2y

Thanks so much Claire and Rhmyers, I'm pretty sure I'm going to do the UlitmateOz package. I feel much more confident with that waiting for me.

Hattie, how long are you planning to go for? I'm so nervous, its only just sinking in the past week or so, what im actually doing!! But im so excited! I plan to extend my visa to the 2 years, do New Zealand in that too, then go to Thailand and some of Asia. Cant wait, its just the initial start that im freaking out about. Where about are you from? Im from Surrey x

6. Posted by dannyf (Budding Member 11 posts) 2y

Hey Emily, I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm in the same situation, heading out on my own so I've decided to do Ultimate OZ. There are so many lone travellers out there that you'll meet through Ultimate OZ or even at the Wake Up hostel, so you'll be fine ;)

7. Posted by em_squeak (Budding Member 16 posts) 2y

Hey Danny, when are you planning to go? I'm mid august, be funny if you were in my group :) x

8. Posted by HattieJenks (Budding Member 50 posts) 2y

I am going for like a year probably to start with, see what happens, im so so nervous too and leaving people behind will be so hard but its such an amazing experience, im heading to singapore first so leaving uk so soon! and then over to sydney although i know nobody over there and have never been there before! oh this Ultimate Oz sounds good ive just had a look as i have no idea about what to do when i get there etc! i know i need accomodation and work but ive heard good things about 'wake up' hostel in sydney so that will be buzzing then hopefully find people to rent with or something for the year, are you on a gap year or?

9. Posted by HattieJenks (Budding Member 50 posts) 2y

oh and im from Kent hun :) x

10. Posted by dannyf (Budding Member 11 posts) 2y

Quoting em_squeak

Hey Danny, when are you planning to go? I'm mid august, be funny if you were in my group :) x

Haha, It would! I'm planning to go in July, but it may be August. Either way I could still be at the hostel by the time you do Ultimate OZ :) Do you have much of a plan after you've done the 7 days with Ultimate OZ? x