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Would appreciate comments on our Japan itinerary

Travel Forums Asia Would appreciate comments on our Japan itinerary

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11. Posted by SA-Tokyo (Budding Member 30 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Are you interested in wearing KIMONO ?

Tokyo has similar shops , but I recommend shops in Kyoto because Kyoto is historical city.

Anyway , sorry to submit tooo much...


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13. Posted by DKJM74 (Respected Member 3 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

I've lived in Japan for the last five years, (feel free to browse my blog here for lots of travel ideas).

Scanning your plan though there are two things I'd say have to be added and one suggestion.

On your trip to Kamakura, make sure to stop off at the Taya caves along the way.

This is a real hidden gem - one of the places that has impressed me most in all my time here. Hidden away and a bit difficult to find, certainly not on the regular tourist route (even my Japanese wife didn't know about this place), but man it's worth it.

The cave is in the grounds of a small temple, and it used to house a sect of Buddhist monks who carved amazing art work into the tunnels. You walk around with a candle provided to help light your way and to inspect the carvings - stunning!

The cave is just outside Yokohama and with a slight detour you can go there (it's just past Kamakura).

TRANSPORT DETAILS - take the JR Yokosuka Line two stops north of Kamakura to Ofuna Station; take a bus bound for Totsuka Bus Center (No.72, the stop is across the bridge from the station, near the entrance to the Kannon temple); after about 8 minutes, get off at Dookutsu-mae bus stop (also known as the "Radon-no Onsen" stop); the temple is just to the right of the large radon spa building), +81 (0)45 851-2392. Every day, 9AM-4:30PM.

Second, a little more obvious but when you're in Kyoto be sure to go a bit out of the main city and spend a day in Arashiyama - by far my favorite part of Kyoto. Famous for it's old shops, traditional bridge, bamboo forest walk and a rather cool mountain side monkey park where you can meet a free ranging troop of Japanese monkeys. You said you like animals, this is a perfect day out. (Do a search on my blog for Arashiyama and you'll see photos from several visits there!) BTW if you're thinking of doing a zoo - don't go to Kyoto zoo, it's old and not very nice. I seem to remeber Ueno Zoo in Tokyo being good, but it was a long time ago. The best I've seen in Japan is Adventure World in Wakayama - famous for it's Pandas.

Lastly, if you have any free time during you time in Kyoto hop on a train to Shiga Ken - my home for the last 5 year, it has a great deal to offer but get over looked because it's so close to Kyoto. If you haven't seen a traditional Japanese castle on your trip take the Biwako Line from Kyoto station (which runs along the side of Japan's biggest lake, which provideds great views) and go to Hikone. There is a great example of a castle with beautiful gardens included in the ticket price. My wife and I went there for out Cherry Blossom viewing trip this year and I'd forgotten just how nice it is. Way better than Osaka castle for sure, so choose Hikone if you are going to do a castle.

I'd offer to meet you and show you around Hikone, but sadly my time in Japan is drawing to an end and I'm leaving next month. Both Taya caves and Hikone write ups will be getting added to my blog in the near-ish future though.

Hope this helps.

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