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Travelling on my own.

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1. Posted by amandabertram (Budding Member 7 posts) 2y

I'm travelling to Bali 29th July until 14th August on my own, I'm a little nervous. Is there any one out there doing the same thing that would like to hang out?

2. Posted by Will__M (Budding Member 41 posts) 2y

Don't be nervous!

Everyone is super friendly in Bali. I prefer Ubud to Kuta/ Denpassar. It's an amazing island with something for everyone. I went on my own earlier this year, my first solo trip in SE Asia. You'll meet loads, absolutely tonnes if people in the same boat as you. I preferred drinking with locals though and learning about the island and it's culture.

3. Posted by amandabertram (Budding Member 7 posts) 2y

Thanks for that, I'm looking forward to going and also love the locals and culture when I travel.

4. Posted by NT01 (Budding Member 18 posts) 2y

Bali, along with Bangkok, are places in SE Asia that are friendly to solo travelers, especially backpackers. If you want immediate company with you on your travels, then book a tour package. But it isn't as fun as traveling solo and meeting new friends along the way.

You'll find a lot of Aussies and Europeans (in addition to locals and Asians) in Bali, especially during the winter season. But since you're going in July, there will probably be fewer Europeans unless they choose to travel to this part of the world instead of nearby (for them). Don't worry about who you will get to meet - for sure, if you're friendly enough and you stay at backpacker/hostel areas, your fellow travelers will become friends sooner or later. And you don't have to travel with them always, just choose which places you want to visit and then find those planning to go there as well so you can share on transport including travel costs.

5. Posted by avneet (Budding Member 24 posts) 1y

Don't be nervous when you would land up there you would meet many other people doing the same thing as you.You could accompany them:)

6. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1524 posts) 1y

Quite a few women visit Bali, you should be okay. If you arrive late have a hotel booked ahead of time.

Do a quick Google/Bing search for "tourist scams Bali" so you are not a victim. Google search also helpful for "how to get from --?-- to --?---" type questions. If you are on a tight budget maybe a Lonely Planet TG will help.

(This sample search may or may not click on)

Oh yeah, don't fall in love with a Kuta Cowboy! LOL

7. Posted by Lydia1990 (Budding Member 3 posts) 1y

Hi Amanda,

I am Lydia, from UK, I am also going to travel to Bali alone in the beginning of August. I too am also a bit scared! Am wanting to stay in hostels and meet new people, but yeah, all a bit daunted by it! Where are you travelling from?

Cheers, Lydia

8. Posted by Tom161191 (Budding Member 124 posts) 1y

Hey guys have any of you been to Thailand ? If so have you been to any of the roof top bars in bangkok as they look amazing ? Thanks


9. Posted by Lydia1990 (Budding Member 3 posts) 1y

Hi Tom

Unfortunately I haven't even been to Thailand! However, bar and roof top sound awesome!


10. Posted by NT01 (Budding Member 18 posts) 1y

Quoting Tom161191

Hey guys have any of you been to Thailand ? If so have you been to any of the roof top bars in bangkok as they look amazing ? Thanks


Yes, I've been to Bangkok four times in the last fifteen years.

Re the roof top bars, Above Eleven at Fraser Suites is really cool. Don't laugh, but check out their men's and ladies' rooms. Well not to mention the view. We were there last February.

This coming February, we are going to Octave Rooftop which also has a great view. Drinks are fairly pricey though.

Here are the addresses and the nearest BTS stations:

Above Eleven
33rd floor Fraser Suites
Sukhumvit Soi 11
nearest station - BTS Nana

Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar
Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit
2 Sukhumvit Soi 57
BTS Thong Lo