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Sydney 05 jan 2015

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1. Posted by mikeeyers1 (Budding Member 27 posts) 2y

Hi guys I'm going to oz flying into Sydney and thinking of doing ultimate oz on the 05th of jan 2015 Ihave a WHV and would like to get a van and travel and work at the same time shortly after I arrive and was wondering if anyone has similar plans?

Thanks mike (21)

2. Posted by chloe_d92 (Budding Member 5 posts) 2y

Hey Mike,

I'm flying into Sydney for the 6th of January, I have a 4 day tour thingy booked but after that I'm just staying in a hostel for a little bit and hoping to find some people with similar travelling plans to me, but yours sound almost the same, I was also hoping to get a van or something and travel up the East Coast to Cairns and then head back to Sydney to work for a couple of months.
If you're on Facebook there's this page which a few people, including myself, have posted on about gap year travelling plans :)

Chloe (also 21)

3. Posted by Mikee1992 (Budding Member 16 posts) 2y

Hi Chloe,
Yep that does sound very similar I want to travel the east coast working along he way would also like to go to Darwin and Alice springs, do you have Facebook so we could talk more


4. Posted by chloe_d92 (Budding Member 5 posts) 2y

Yeah sure, that should take you to my profile :)

5. Posted by FMS (Budding Member 7 posts) 2y

You guys are making this sound too tempting, Mike, might need to tag along and just spend a little bit of time in Sydney like yourself and chill and meet new people.

6. Posted by chloe_d92 (Budding Member 5 posts) 2y

FMS: When are you planning to get to Australia? From what i've read online staying in hostels makes it quite easy to meet new people so that's what I'm doing to start off with in the hope that some of them will want to do similar things to me from there onwards

7. Posted by Mikee1992 (Budding Member 16 posts) 2y

Yep felix man that all good ill be in Sydney until just after Australia Day on the 26th anyway so that's still a month I'm there practically

8. Posted by FMS (Budding Member 7 posts) 2y

Chloe - I'm planning on being there around the same time as you guys, I was planning on flying out between the 5th-12th January. But I want to travel, I just wasn't sure how much time I wanted to spend in Sydney. The whole van thing sounds good, that's already three of us.
Mike - That's perfect then, I think like that amount of time is a good amount to spend in Sydney, unless you just want to work there. But yeah, there is work all around the continent, not just in the cities. Hell, we could even be jackaroos and jillaroos if we had to haha

To both of you, I'm younger, but with the same intentions - flying out for an adventure, to have fun and discover amazing new people/places

9. Posted by chloe_d92 (Budding Member 5 posts) 2y

Well if you want to add me on fb my link is a few posts above, but basically i've booked to stay in the hostel called 'wake up!' from 10th-18th january so if you're looking to stay in hostels as well then maybe booking there too or nearby (it's on a block with tons of hostels) would be a good idea

10. Posted by Mikee1992 (Budding Member 16 posts) 2y

Felix, mate yeah there is work all around and really easy to get aswell and I'm going to go out of my way to get work that stems from what we do over here/ call centres/bars etc