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Recommended travel time in new zealand

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1. Posted by Kelly2288w (Budding Member 23 posts) 2y

Hi all!!

I'm off to New Zealand around 8-12th April 2015 and was hoping someone could let me know the best amount of time to spend there?! I was thinking around 3 weeks as not sure I can afford much more and doing north island to south (flying into and leaving from Auckland)

Also what will the weather be like this time of year?

Any "must sees"?

Am also thinking of possibly renting a car with a travel buddy for part of it


Kelly x

2. Posted by KellieBarnes (Admin 813 posts) 2y

I think 3 weeks is a good start (and if that's all you can afford, best to stick with the budget!). I did just the north island in a week and while it was brisk, it was ample time to see what I wanted before heading to Fiji.

My must see tip is for Waitomo – the caves are incredible and there are so many activities available if you want a little adventure. I also adored the art deco town of Napier, waking up right at the beach (free camping with a motorhome) and then touring the surrounding wine region. Brilliant

3. Posted by Kelly2288w (Budding Member 23 posts) 2y

Ah wow! Thanks so much! The art deco town and the caves sound amazing!! What's the general cost of hostels etc? Is that how u made your way around?

4. Posted by Andyf (Travel Guru 670 posts) 2y

I took just over four weeks and missed a lot that I wanted to see - hoping that another five week trip will fill in those gaps.

Journey times are longer than some other places - there are few motorways and the roads often meander round the volcanic terrain.

Three weeks would be very rushed for me but we're all different and it depends what you want to do and see.

If you're stuck with three weeks it may be worth sticking to one island and going back another time.

Must sees: (obviously a subjective list)
Fox Glacier heli hike
Hobbiton film set at Matamata
Napier art deco town
Driving Creek Railway at Coromandel
Rotorua geothermal stuff

[ Edit: Edited on 19-Aug-2014, at 23:41 by Andyf ]

5. Posted by KellieBarnes (Admin 813 posts) 2y

Ah yes the volcanic terrain! Some seriously hard driving in a motorhome!! That was how I got around so I don't personally know about hostel costs. I travelled with two others so we could split the costs, have the freedom to go wherever, etc.

I defer to Andy's recommendations on anything south island but also endorse a visit to Rotorua's geothermal sites and a dip in the hot springs.

6. Posted by Kelly2288w (Budding Member 23 posts) 2y

Thanks guys sounds great! I'm hoping I can get a travel buddy or two to see some of the time in a motor home! How was the costs?? I'm really hoping to squeeze in 4 at a push but it's pennies permitting x

7. Posted by KellieBarnes (Admin 813 posts) 2y

Don't remember the exact costs although we were supposed to have 4pax, until one guy pulled out after we picked up the van!!! That made everything tighter than expected but original calculations were totally reasonable when you think about it providing accom/transport/self catering. We did loads of research before booking though, comparing size, facilities and getting a drop off at a different depot.

Good luck, whatever you decide!

8. Posted by ChristineTaylor (Inactive 6 posts) 2y

You can visit New Zealand any time of the year. It is very beautiful. The warmest months of the year there are are from September through to April. December, January and February are the three hottest months of the year (Summer). Spring begins from September - November. Autumn (fall) is from March - May and the Winter season runs from June - August. Maximum daytime temperatures vary from 15 to 30+ degrees (Celcius) in the Summer, 10 to 25 degrees in the Autumn (& Spring) and 5 to 18 degrees in the Winter. So, you can visit as and when you have time.

9. Posted by Kelly2288w (Budding Member 23 posts) 2y

That's a great weather update! Thanks Christine! Autumn it is! ?

10. Posted by Kelly2288w (Budding Member 23 posts) 2y

How's the general public transport system there??? Any good? Is it mostly local buses / coaches?