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Where would you spend Christmas?

Travel Forums Europe Where would you spend Christmas?

1. Posted by KellieBarnes (Travel Guru 813 posts) 2y

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Imagining that you are in the UK with no major commitments, where would you choose to spend Christmas?

I will be wandering around the UK for a few months and trying to work out where I should head for the holidays. I adore the whole wintery get up and this will be my first Northern Hemisphere Christmas*—my vision of which is greatly inspired by the movies.

  • *First in the NH where it is celebrated

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2. Posted by janesgarde (Budding Member 40 posts) 2y

well now, what a question. About 20 years ago we went to the Lake District with a couple of friends, we had a beautiful cottage for Christmas week, it overlooked Crummock Water. There was a resident cat, a snooker table, an open fire. I remember the weather was terrible on Christmas Eve, so instead of going for a walk we had Christmas Day on the 24th, It was great! But then the next day we wanted to be Christmas too, but we had eaten all the good stuff!
There is not much snow around at Christmas in England, well generally. If I were you I would find a town that has really good Christmas decorations, choirs, pantomimes and traditions. You might be best in London, though a small market town could be fabulous.

3. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 783 posts) 2y

I have never done it but imagine carols in a cathedral or small village church would be very atmospheric. Canterbury or a chapel at Cambridge university come to mind.

Street markets would be pleasant too. I was brought up near Walthamstow market ( a very long market, maybe near a mile long ) in East London & that was great near Xmas. Sadly - Walthamstow is reputed to be too dangerous to go to now.

4. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 2y

"... Sadly - Walthamstow is reputed to be too dangerous to go to now..."

Really?! I haven't been there for years but that sounds unfathomable to me... wow...


5. Posted by KellieBarnes (Travel Guru 813 posts) 2y

Thank you for the tips. Exactly the atmospheric ideas I was after

6. Posted by ParrotfishJ (Budding Member 11 posts) 2y

I would go to Lap land - where else could be the biggest Christmas spirit !

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