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costs in S america

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean costs in S america

1. Posted by katz (Budding Member 26 posts) 11y

can anyone tell me how much o would spend per day travelling in chile, and brazil?

2. Posted by SamSalmon (Respected Member 626 posts) 11y

Chile is the most expensive country in SA-figure $US 50/day minimum including transportation.

3. Posted by thowra (Full Member 74 posts) 11y

Costs depend on what type of transport and accomodation you are after. In Brazil I was spending about 15-20 Reals a night, plus food, transport, guides, entries etc.

4. Posted by kfredson (Inactive 5 posts) 11y

Sure you don't want to try Argentina? At 3 pesos per dollar it is a fraction of what it costs in Chile. And the Andes look great from there, too. Try this site if you're interested in the northwest:

5. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 11y

I spent $US 40 a day in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia in 2003 when I was there, and 5 of the 8 weeks I was down there was in Chile, so I think you can get by for less than others might have suggested.

I stayed at hotels with private bathrooms, ate at local, inexpensive restaurants, travelled mainly by bus (though I did book a few flights and did the Navimag trip which I don't figure into the above costs).