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As a 19 year old whose never been backpacking before but plans on in the very near future I have some questions to hopefully get the most out of my experiences. I'd love to hear personal experiences as well in regards to my questions: (my questions aren't country specific because my backpacking plan involves going everywhere!)

1. What's the best way to interact with locals? I plan on getting in touch with people via Couchsurfing and maybe seeing if anybody is willing to show me around or at the very least give me some idea of the place they live and what to do and where to eat. I'll also ask other travellers/hostel owners. But are there any other good ways to really get a feel for the culture and speak to the people there. My language skills aren't great but I do plan on learning languages for the countries I visit.

2. What's the best length of time in one city generally? My aim is to spend atleast 1 week in each place I visit (excluding any day trips).

3. Another big reason to travel is for all the food so I plan using the same methods in question 1 but to find information on where is good to eat to get an idea of the local culture. Obviously eating plenty of streetfood is a good idea but I also want to know about some more high-end restaurants which are still local. Also, in places where street food isn't as big a deal (e.g. European countries), I still want to be eating local food.

Thanks in advance.

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1. There's no "trick" to meeting locals. You meet them the very same way you meet people in your own city... on public transport, at a market, at a music/theatre performance, in a bar, etc. etc. etc. You simply have to be open, respectful and interesting.

2. There is no "best" length of time to stay anywhere. Everyone has their own style of travel. Some people (like me) are super slow, others are super fast. You'll discover your own pace.

3. Follow your nose.

Have fun.


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1. The best way to meeting locals is firstly they should understand your language... try not taking a guide.

2. There is no "fix" time period to stay at a place. you should spend more time at the place you like more and less at the ones you don't.

3. Street foods can be found really tasty in Asian and American countries but not that awesome in Europe or Africa. so you should keep in mind which continent you are visiting ;)

Have fun

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