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Why you don't need to go to the Russia.

Travel Forums Asia Why you don't need to go to the Russia.

1. Posted by Putin (First Time Poster 1 posts) 2y

Almost everybody asks-is it safe to travel to unique places of Russia?Yes of course-if there was no kgb!

If you ever want to travel there-remember a tiny number of rules.

1If You like to go further than Moscow-you'll be simply followed by fsb till it catch you.
2If You try to hitchhike-the drivers will "register" all your mach route and give it to "police".
3If You wan't to travel anyway-they'll register your photo and fingerprints nevertheless you wan't it or not.
4If You travel near the any military or other manufacturing unit-they all will hunt you and arrest immediately.
5If You talk to the local men,they will sell you to the local officer as fast as they can.
6If you try to hitchike a train-they will not give you to use it,because there are some prison inmates who are escaping regulary and try to go away the same methods as you try.
7Nobody would help you other way than to help to arrest you.

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5928 posts) 2y

Uh huh.. so I take it you had a bad experience then?

3. Posted by travelibro (Inactive 13 posts) 2y

Yaah I think the same too, Russia is Beautiful and also there are destinations covered and traveled all over russia, provided by right Travel Agency