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Need a travel partner for late 2015 through to 2016!!

Travel Forums Asia Need a travel partner for late 2015 through to 2016!!

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11. Posted by onionrings (Budding Member 20 posts) 1y

Hey sophie,

I am planning on doing the same trip as you more or less, was thinking about doing, thailand, indonesia , bali etc either on my way out there or possibly on my way back after I've been to oz for two years, the idea of a nice big holiday after working in oz would be amazing.. anyways which ever way round i do it i am aiming to be in oz for around jan 2016 possibly late 2015, but would be lovely to meet up with some like minded people who are doing a similar route. I am really open minded about the whole trip and don't have anything tied down, i like the idea of taking things as i go and not try and commit to anything too much as you never know what could happen who you might meet etc obviously a bit of a plan is needed but am open to all ideas.. Anyways if you're still looking for someone to talk to/meet before you set off i would be up for this 100%, i think its a good idea.

Also i love to party lol



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13. Posted by onionrings (Budding Member 20 posts) 1y

who even are you, did you really just come on this post to point that out? Get a life you pathetic moron.

14. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4933 posts) 1y

Sorry about that! This is a rather persistant troll. We tend to delete it before most people notice its comments, but this particular one snuck through.

It's a shame it's behaving like this, because there's a very valid point underneath the mindlessly copy/pasted diatribes, but we've repeatedly asked it to engage in reasoned conversation in separate threads where it isn't disrupting regular conversation, and it's just not interested in that. :(

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15. Posted by onionrings (Budding Member 20 posts) 1y

No worries

16. Posted by sunshinecaz (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y

hitting Sydney on 14th Dec 2015 and staying for about 8 weeks - going to camper-van it up to Whitsundays/surfers paradise for a month of so (can get free campervan hire if you will drive it to where the company want within their timescale) and got to be back in Melbourne for 14th Aug 2016 to fly to NZ - going to be staying in places and working along the way - check out my map for the whole plan! C

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