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1. Posted by sammyjayne (Full Member 39 posts) 11y

me again!
i will just explain situation, doing whv in june for 12 months in oz, going to sydney first then moving up north etc...
will mainly be staying in hostels, but might be a chance i will buy a car/campervan and sleep in that.
is it wise to take a sleeping bag? i have heard about bed bugs in hostels and that some hostels dont even allow sleeping bags!
is it better to just take a sheet and pillow case? or is it too cold that time of year for only a sheet as a cover?
thakns xx

2. Posted by amyp (Budding Member 12 posts) 11y

Hi Sammyjane!

I was thinking the exact same thing!
Actually your trip sounds pretty similar to mine except i wont be getting a camper van, i will be taking the bus up the east coast from Sydney.
Alot of my questions have been answered just by reading the replies to your questions. There is so much to think of and im so in decisive!
Things like, what to take - GHD'S??? which discount card to get? insurance, tax number etc!
Im sure it will all be fine in the end!

3. Posted by sammyjayne (Full Member 39 posts) 11y

hiya, you mentioned that my trip sounded similar to yours, whats your itinery?
have to decided what company you are going to get your insurance from?
still not sure about the sleeping bag thing! you?
thanks xx

4. Posted by amyp (Budding Member 12 posts) 11y

I will be leaving the Uk on 31/5, arriving in Brisbane. Im going to stay with Family and work there for a month or so but then i will travel from Sydney up to Cairns, i was thinking of doing the Oz Experience bus, heard it's quite a party bus and a great opportunity to meet people. I also want to go to Alice Springs. I have a WHV so i will stop off and work as i go along. Does that sound similar??
I was going to book my insurance with insure and go, they seem to be the cheapest but i want to make sure i am fully covered.
I dont really know what to do about the sleeeping bag thing...Maybe see what anyone lse thinks??
GHD's are another dilema! haha! I think i can cope without them but then i will probably miss them when i getting ready to go out at night!