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How much should i save for a decent trip to Austraila

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific How much should i save for a decent trip to Austraila

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1. Posted by Mary Cullenmoon (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y

Hello everyone, I was curious. I live in canada (montreal quebec more specifically) and i was planning a trip to austrailia. I was only going for a week but I can't seem to find good estimates on the flight/how much i should bring to enjoy the week. I was going to visit a friend but i doubt i'd be crashing at her place. i was thinking 3000$-4000$ (including flight/hotel) but idk if itll be enough

Can anyone offer any advice or is my amont of money just too low?

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5958 posts) 2y

It will depend on the specifics of your trip.

a) Will you be just in one spot? Or will you travel around to different parts of Australia?
b) Will you be going to a lot of attractions? Whale watching? Hot air balloon flights? Bridge climb?
c) Would you likely go out for dinner every night?
d) What time of year?
e) Where in Australia?

Consider this possible one week trip to Australia:
Fly into Sydney for New Years, spend a few nights, then travel to Whitsundays for a multi-day sailing cruise, then back to Sydney and back home. Such a trip would be well beyond your budget due to Sydney being ridiculously expensive at New Years and of course internal travel and cruises adding greatly to the cost.

However, consider this trip:
Fly into Brisbane in April. Book a hostel bed somewhere near friend. Spend most of the time hanging out with her at her house. That would be no problem at all with your budget.

You can subtract probably at least $2000 for flights from Montreal. So your daily budget is then anywhere between $140 and $285 depending on whether you save $3000 or $4000.

$140 could be tight. $285 a day will be ample (by my travel standards anyway).

Let me know a few more details and I can probably get you a better estimate. :)

3. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 2y

Another consideration... Australia is a crazy remote destination for only one week coming from Eastern Canada... I'd drop the idea entirely until you can afford to getaway for longer.

Have fun no matter what you decide.


4. Posted by Mary Cullenmoon (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y

I was planning to be in one area not multiple. I did have plans for a date on one of those day's But the problem is my money needs to include lodging and the flight.

I may be asking the impossible but. . .this is literally my first trip so i have no idea how much i'd need.

I can save up about 200-300 a month. Plus I already have about 400$

and i know then im actually going to go I can save about 800-1000 in that very month.

5. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 2y

I still don't understand how you think a one week holiday in Australia makes sense when two full days will be spent sitting in an airplane. Have you ever experienced jet lag?

All that money for a 5 day vacation? With jet lag? Wow...

Good luck.


6. Posted by Peter (Admin 5958 posts) 2y

I think you're probably ok from the money point of view (assuming you don't want to stay in Sydney over New Years). Terry does have a point though - one week is a very short to stay if you've come such a long way. You'll spend about 4 of those days battling jet lag. And the extra cost for staying an extra week or two is not that bad, since the biggest expense is your airfare. Your $4000 would cover 2 weeks without too much trouble really.

7. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 2y

Just to give you a comparison, Mary... in December you can fly from Montreal to Cuba for a 7 nights holiday including return flight, transfers, hotel on the beach, breakfast and all taxes/surcharges for $388. No, that's not a typo. $388 Canadian Dollars for everything. Havana, one of the most unique/interesting cities in the Western Hemisphere is 20 minutes away from your beach hotel. It's a 4.5 hour flight, in the same time zone.

I'm not comparing Cuba to Australia, I'm just demonstrating an option for a short 7 day vacation with almost no travel time at a tiny fraction of the cost.

All the best with your planning.


8. Posted by Peter (Admin 5958 posts) 2y

People will travel a long way to visit friends though Terry :)

9. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 2y

In my opinion it's still insane to fly for 2 days to spend 5 days in a location where you'll be ravaged by jet lag the entire time - especially when it's the very first trip Mary has ever taken and it's costing thousands of dollars. I've flown that route over a dozen times and the logistics don't work on any rational level...


10. Posted by Peter (Admin 5958 posts) 2y

Oh, I don't disagree. I think it's too far for just one week too, but it seems the destination is dictated more by the friendship than anything else. So I doubt that a trip to Cuba is really an alternative at all.

Mary, at least do your best to make it two weeks :) It sounds like you have some time to plan this, so hopefully stretching it an extra week (or ideally, more) is something you can make happen!