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1. Posted by JennaGordo (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y

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Hi There Everyone,

Sending love from South Africa.

My boyfriend and I will be leaving Cape Town on the 12th of Dec for India for 3 weeks. We heading there for the Sunburn Festival in Goa.

Our current skeleton iteniary looks like the following. We would LOVE any advice and recommendations for our trip and if we doing it the "right" way.

  • Cape Town to Mumbai

Spend 2 days in Mumbai

  • Mumbai to Jodphur (We not sure whether to catch a train or fly)

Spend 2 days

  • Jodphur to Jaipur (Do we take the train, best mode of transport)

2 days

  • Jaipur to Agra (Do we take the train, best mode of transport)

2 days

  • Agra to Delhi

2 days

Delhi to Varanassi
3 days

Varanassi to Goa
7 days

Goa - Mumbai
1 day

Mumbai - Cape town.

Any help would be GREAT PLEASE

2. Posted by berner256 (Travel Guru 558 posts) 2y

You should rethink your itinerary. As it's currently constructed, you'll be spending most of your time traveling from one region to another without experiencing much of the joys of your destinations. India is a vast country! While train travel is inexpensive, it can be time consuming. However, you can cover great distances by air at relatively reasonable cost, particularly if booked in advance. Another option is hiring a car and driver. You'd be surprised how affordable that can be. So, you should first decide what your priorities are for this trip to India. Then weigh the distances involved; and the transportation options. There is a lot of information available on the Web. I leave today for India and Bhutan.

3. Posted by JennaGordo (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y

Thanks so much Berner :)

Could you perhaps suggest how long we should be staying in each place OR which places are worth going and others not.

We definitely are looking at internal flights as well as a driver.

We need all the help we can get!

We hope u have the BEST trip!!!

All the best,

4. Posted by berner256 (Travel Guru 558 posts) 2y

If you're flying into Mumbai, and Goa is your top priority, why not focus on traveling in southern India, which has fabulous massive temple complexes. But if Goa is not your top priority, then perhaps you should concentrate on northern India. I can't respond more, as I am now at the airport and will be boarding soon for my flight to Amsterdam to connect to my flight to Mumbai. Hope this helps.

5. Posted by JennaGordo (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y

Thank you!!

Safe and happy travels :)

6. Posted by staaleand (Full Member 30 posts) 2y

I agree with berner256 that trying to cover the whole of India in three weeks is not neccessarily a good idea. I spent two weeks in India in 2013. Travelled between Vadodra and New Delhi. I had a wonderful time, and I did see a lot, but still, lots of Places had to be skipped. I travelled together With an Indian, we drove in his car. He is very efficient in making practical arrangements, and he speaks hindi - really useful outside the tourist-hubs. Travelling alone I would have had to spend much more time on "practicalities", but still - in two weeks I covered only part of Northern India. I can surely recommend Jaipur. A few interesting sites just outside the town as well. Agra is certainly more than Taj Mahal, though it is awesome in the morning light! Delhi- Agra - Jaipur are known as "the golden triangle", but you can certainly cover more than that in Three weeks. I have never been to the South of India, so I can give no firsthand account of how Things are there. But I think you should concentrate on either the South or the North of India.
Wish you a really pleasant Journey!

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