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Unique Hotels/Hostels That You Have Stayed At

Travel Forums General Talk Unique Hotels/Hostels That You Have Stayed At

1. Posted by Gear_Spoke (Inactive 47 posts) 2y

Traveling the world there has to be someone who has been to an extremely unique hotel. Some place that has the oddest of things in their hotel, I mean there is a place in France that has all of the rooms made out of plastic bubbles allowing the guests to star gaze! ( )

What strange and unusual hotel have you been to recently?

2. Posted by sylwia76 (Inactive 1 posts) 2y

Every year i spent my holidays in Corfu island , I love this place , usually i stand in Bella Mare hotel , this hotel is located near of Avlaki beach , beautiful small beach, this is really relaxing place. :)

3. Posted by Gear_Spoke (Inactive 47 posts) 2y

That hotel almost looks like the hotel in the bond movie Casino Royal towards the end. Beautiful!

4. Posted by Packbacker26 (Budding Member 49 posts) 2y

Treehouse Poste Rojo - Nicaragua

Biased because I worked there for a month, but it's the real deal.. Treehouse high in the mountainous jungle overlooking the valley below.. Monkeys and good times galore! Top 5 on my list!
P.s. Not for the dainty backpackers or wifi addicts