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1. Posted by replikant (Budding Member 11 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!


I am German and have arrived in Mexico 2 months ago.

I arrived in Mexico from San Diego and crossed the border by foot to Tijuana. Unfortunately there is no entry stamp when you cross the border to Mexico by foot.

Now I arrived in Mexico city by air plane from Tijuana after 2 months, and again no customs when arriving in Mexico city airport.

I am in mexico undocumented and need to know, if there is going to be any problems when I exit by air plane to Panama or Costa RIca.

is there any possibility to get the stamp before I leave Mexico?

I could show my flight ticket to Mexico city as proof of arriving from Tijuana. I can stay for 6 months as a tourist, however I need to have a stamp inside mwport.

2. Posted by KellieBarnes (Travel Guru 813 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I don't know specifically but take all due care. FWIW –

3. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 1260 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

This is what the UK Foreign Office has to say on the subject.

Mexico entry requirements.

It's aimed at UK passport holders but is good info & maybe there is a German equivalent you could research

4. Posted by SamSalmon (Respected Member 626 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Speak to someone @ the German Embassy they'll know who/where to ask about your situation.

5. Posted by replikant (Budding Member 11 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

the German embassy told me to go to the immigration office inside the town. I went there and they told me that a tourist card is not required.
I didn't believe them and went to the airport and asked for a tourist card at the immigration office and paid 306 pesos and got one. doesn't seem to be such a big deal. Don't know why that woman got arrested.

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6. Posted by rabudman (Inactive 31 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I'm a U.S. citizen. I travel to Mexico very frequently. On one of my trips I lost the card with the stamp you get from Immigration when you fly into Mexico from the U.S.

When I checked in at the airlines desk for my flight departing Mexico my airline requested this card. I informed them I had lost it. They directed me to the Mexican Immigration desk located in the airport ( I was flying out of Guadalajara, returning to the U.S.).

The airport was under a remodel and I got confused as to where I had been advised to go. I couldn't find the Immigration desk and my flight was departing.

I went and stood in the que to board my flight and when I was ask for my boarding pass and I.D and card, I told my story. The ticket agent then tried to tell me how to find the immigration desk and looked confused as how to handle the situation...stumbling over his I just looked at him and said "yea, but it's to late now, right?". A sense of relief washed over his face and he said "yes, it's to late" as he took my boarding pass and allowed my on my flight.

It was then I noticed he placed my boarding pass in one stack of the two stacks he had on his table. I assume one was for people like me and the other was for people who had the card with stamp.

I didn't have any problems or questions when I got back to the U.S.

I wish I'd have seen your post earlier.

I hope this little problem didn't interrupt any tango lessons.

7. Posted by replikant (Budding Member 11 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

no its all ok now, however nobody outside the airport knew what to do, so i had to ask around.

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