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1. Posted by Samk_1 (Budding Member 13 posts) 2y


Hope you are having a good week.

So its my first post on the forum and wanted to test the water..

Im travelling the east coast soon and the reality is quickly becoming upon me, NY in Sydney and then travelling to Cairns. anyone recommened any must see places and things not to miss?

I will be travelling solo so also looking to meet some good people to share the expierence.

I do hope this sparks some conversation ;)


2. Posted by carinamaria91 (Inactive 26 posts) 2y

Hey Sam,

I was just doing my first post when i noticed yours. My friend will be away from early December so im trying to figure out what to do for New Years Eve too. I was thinking about Byron Bay but i also live driving distance from Syndey too so that was another option. (Im also a solo traveller)

I plan to go to Cairns at some point too i have heard Whit Sunday Islands are amazing! :)

3. Posted by Samk_1 (Budding Member 13 posts) 2y

Hey CarinaMaria,

I have also heard that the Whit Sundays Islands are a must!!

So my current plans are flying from London on Christmas day to Melbourne. There for three days with an internal flight to Sydney for NYE and another internal flight to Brisbane where I'm set to travel to Cairns over three weeks.

I have been told Bondi Beach is a good way to see the new year in?


4. Posted by carinamaria91 (Inactive 26 posts) 2y


Just call me Carina haha. Sounds good apparently Melbourne is a pretty cool city too.
I need to have a look at hostels and see whats available round there all the ones in Byron Bay sold out hopefully Sydney won't be the same :) I'll let you know if i come across anything if you like?

Bet you're getting excited now too! You will love Australia :)

5. Posted by Samk_1 (Budding Member 13 posts) 2y

Evening Carina,

That sounds good if you find anything good i would really appreciate you sharing it with me..

what is you opinion on the GreyHound coach service?

I have two internal flights from Mel - Syd & Syd - Bri so thinking on that for the remaining journey. I will need to book it ASAP really.

So unorganised :)


6. Posted by carinamaria91 (Inactive 26 posts) 2y

Hey Sam,

I can't really help you with coaches ive only used the trains here but they should be ok and cheaper too im guessing.

Im abit busy today but i'll look in the week and get back to you

7. Posted by carinamaria91 (Inactive 26 posts) 2y

Can't find any accommodation for new years eve in sydney at all! :(

8. Posted by Samk_1 (Budding Member 13 posts) 2y

Ha hahahah I'm literally pulling my hair out...

The places I have found are ten nights minimum, I'm only in Sydney for three days!


9. Posted by carinamaria91 (Inactive 26 posts) 2y

Shit isnt it the only thing i can reccomend is maybe looking on couch surfing?! I'd let you stay in newcastle but i live with a family so can't have random visitors haha

10. Posted by lesleynile (Budding Member 36 posts) 2y

Sorry to say but it'll be hard finding NY accomodation in Sydney now, if you do it will either have a minimum stay or will be super expensive. :(

On another note ill be around bondi and sydey from 22nd dec to 14th Jan if anyone is up for meeting up. I'm Lesley Nile on facebook and my background is The Simpsons if you wanna chat. Been taking to a few people on there and hopefully were all meeting up xmas day on Bondi and new year in sydney!