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Bridge camera ok for travelling or definitely an SLR?

Travel Forums Travel Photography Bridge camera ok for travelling or definitely an SLR?

1. Posted by Carlm90 (Inactive 38 posts) 2y

I'm looking for a camera to take travelling, I'm not a novice photographer but I'm no where near a professional.

I was wondering whether a bridge camera would be good to go for or definitely an SLR with one lens?

I have been looking at this camera

Hope you can help! Thank you. :)

2. Posted by bearound (First Time Poster 1 posts) 2y

It all depends on the objective of your trip and how much weight you are willing to carry. I have found that an SLR is too much weight for me while backpacking for longer times, so next time I will try to take a compact camera with me. But I am not sure of the weight different between the two options you are looking at...

Good luck and safe travels!

3. Posted by mapsandmoxie (Full Member 196 posts) 2y

Personal choice. I have several friends that travel with full SLRs and sometimes more than one, and wouldn't go without. I'm not much of a photographer, but I love my bridge camera - allows a bit of freedom to adjust exposure, etc. but isn't too bulky. I'm currently using a G16, but entirely your decision.

4. Posted by Carlm90 (Inactive 38 posts) 2y

Thanks for the replies. I think an SLR is going to be too much to fit into my backpack but a compact will have too many limitations. I think it's going to be a bridge camera. I better get looking! What do you think is the right kit to be taking with you? Camera, camera cover, how many memory cards? What other things will help?

5. Posted by mapsandmoxie (Full Member 196 posts) 2y

I think it depends on what you're looking for. Bear in mind that different types of cameras have different batteries, therefore chargers and battery life will vary. Do you mind making sure you charge your battery more frequently because you don't have the ability to buy AA or AAA batteries as necessary? Are you willing to spend the money and the extra weight of a spare?

Does the camera have a lens cover, durability, etc. all come into play. How large is your memory card and how often are you removing your photos? Nobody can tell you what's right for you - it depends on what your use is like. Even though I love my camera, some people would get really frustrated with it as they use a telephoto type lens more frequently. Consider HOW you're going to use it, where you're going, accessibility to outlets / chargers / additional batteries, and what concessions you're willing (or unwilling) to make.

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6. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 2y

"... I think an SLR is going to be too much to fit into my backpack but a compact will have too many limitations. I think it's going to be a bridge camera..."

There are lots of high-end compacts that are way smaller than the camera you linked to and (with the exception of its telephoto abilities) have specs/capabilities that blow it out of the water by any possible measure. Of course that technology is waaaay more expensive too...


7. Posted by KellieBarnes (Travel Guru 813 posts) 2y

Single most important question:

What kinds of photos will you be taking?

Do you love approaching people for strong portraits or crisp detail shots?

Do you prefer to stand back and show an entire scene as it is?

Are you into landscapes? Street scenes shot from the hips or carefully framed and timed photos? Manual or little green square (or any level of auto)?

Your answers to these questions will help you choose the camera best suited to your usual style before you start narrowing down by weight, battery type, etc. There is no point buying top of the line gear if it does not match how you shoot.

8. Posted by SolitudeNY (Budding Member 12 posts) 2y

You should look in to the new Sony full frame mirrorless camera (A7R). It's still not as good as a DLSR, but as long as you're not looking to take sports or wildlife, this maybe the ideal for traveling.