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1. Posted by summers10000 (Budding Member 64 posts) 2y


For the summer of 2015 I was looking into a trip to Japan and S.Korea. I've read however that for most of Asia June-september sort of time is the worst time to visit weather wise -hot humid and rainy. Because of this I may wait till I have a chance to travel more April sort of time

Was just looking for a bit of advice as to what I should do instead. I quite fancy spain (as I am learning the language), in particular a visit to San Sebastian for the food! Then maybe pop to Portugal. I traveled around parts of Europe last summer and found it slightly samey after a while however.

I have also looked at Iceland or the other Nordic countries. I'll be travelling alone and will be 20. Enjoy most things, but not too keen on beach breaks.

Thanks very much

2. Posted by MicaelaFamilant (Budding Member 10 posts) 2y

I want so badly to visit Iceland! The landscaping there is absolutely gorgeous. I would choose Iceland!

3. Posted by MarkoMylo (First Time Poster 1 posts) 2y

Try Faroe islands, visit -snip- and read about

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4. Posted by chinuk (Inactive 2 posts) 2y

Dude,if you really want a different experience,then I suggest you hit Malawi,you could take up all the cool things in the country in a week a two.You should take on Mulanje Mountain,went there this year,it's winter in Malawi in June,but the winters there are mild,it's the summers that you have to watch out for even though they never get humid,so taking the climb would still be great,try -snip-,went with them on the mountain hike this year,it was really awesome,felt like I had conquered the unconquered once I was at the top,describe the feeling in one word?~bliss.

Good Luck

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5. Posted by summers10000 (Budding Member 64 posts) 2y

Well I know thats a good suggestion as I was actually there a few years ago! The weather was consistently perfect for the month I was there for

Though I didn't get to do Mulanje

Thanks for all the help so far

6. Posted by Andyf (Travel Guru 675 posts) 2y

Russia is real cheap just now. Seriously! And that won't be samey.

You could combine it with the Nordic countries - Moscow - StP - Tallinn - Helsinki - Stockholm - Oslo, and then fly to Iceland (I think Norwegian do cheap flights Oslo to Reykjavik).

Reykjavik and SW Iceland is totally doable in as little as three days.

7. Posted by summers10000 (Budding Member 64 posts) 2y

That looks an interesting trip. May well look into it. Thanks