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Asia from Sept2015..start travel mate group?

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1. Posted by Deanxc220 (Full Member 59 posts) 2y


So me and a mate of mine are making a mainly overland journey to Australia and New Zealand, starting in Moscow in August and taking the trans-Siberian railway through to Beijing. From there, we looking at about a 6 month or so journey through as much of Asia as possible. Don't really have much itinerary, but we looking at starting in China for a month, then onto Korea then Japan and working south then. I was just wondering if anybody is looking to be in Asia from September 2015? Yes I know Asia is HUGE but it might be good to have a collective group of us all together and wherever each of us are, we can check out if others are about? Yes it's all been done before but its great to meet others when travelling and we should be taking advantage of the communication methods we have. So if I made a group on facebook called Asia 2015 if like to join (it's just new so will work on it). If not, sure let me know here if anyone be about around the same time and if anybody has any tips or suggestions :)

All the best,

2. Posted by Carlm90 (Inactive 38 posts) 2y

Hi Dean, I'm planning on going to India from Tomorrowland in Belgium from 27th July onwards, through to Thailand and similar plans to yours! Would be great to meet up with you! I will be in Asia around September 2015 and then hopefully get to Australia November. I then plan to go on to New Zealand January 2016.

3. Posted by MattPVD (Budding Member 4 posts) 2y

Hi Dean,
Ill be starting my travels in South East Asia early January 2016, so if your around for 6 months i could join near the end of your journey. Hopefully you will be in SEA around that time. I think the FB group is a good idea if you manage to get a lot of people interested and id like to join (even though its so far away from now!)

4. Posted by Deanxc220 (Full Member 59 posts) 2y

Hey guys! Delighted to actually see interest already.
Carlm90, heading on the travels from Tomorrowland sounds class. I'm actually looking to go to it this year as well (hopefully get the tickets), so could attempt a meet up there, but I wouldn't be very encouraged haha! Also, I'm looking to be in New Zealand around March/April if your still about the place by then. Thinking I may go for the visa there.
MattPVD, I will indeed still be about Asia by then. I say will be until about March/April. Probably be in Thailand in January but things can so easily change once ya on the road. I'd like the FB group to kick off, but sure it's a lot easier said then done ha! Hopefully pans out well.
Sure we can keep in touch nonetheless, with similar time frames, sure why not :)

5. Posted by MattPVD (Budding Member 4 posts) 2y

My first stop will be Bangkok so sounds good! But yes like you say, plans can change very easily! I should be on this site often from now so yeah we can keep in touch and can discuss more closer to the time :D

6. Posted by KellieBarnes (Travel Guru 813 posts) 2y

Great idea Dean. Love the initiative :)

Have you already suggested it as a new TP group too?

7. Posted by Deanxc220 (Full Member 59 posts) 2y

Ah that's grand mate, starting in the same country is not a bad start sure! Cool, sure keep us posted.
No, Kellie, never even knew ya could make TP groups lol! I'll get looking into that too sure, Thanks for the heads up :)

8. Posted by KellieBarnes (Travel Guru 813 posts) 2y

No worries Dean :). Hopefully in future this will be a feature where members can create groups without the need for the approval process.

9. Posted by shuggyp (Budding Member 7 posts) 2y

I'll be in SEA, sept or october '15 and staying a few months. I've only been to a few countries in Asia so want a better & longer stay. I just backpacked Europe, some UK for 4 months, solo. I loved it and also I love company! The fb idea is good. I belong to one on there already but I think it's more F/T residents. Cheers

10. Posted by Deanxc220 (Full Member 59 posts) 2y

That's cool man! I loved backpacking Europe...something I'm definitely going to do again at some stage in life.
Alright, well I went and made a group "Asia 2015", with the link below;

I hope it's cool to post this here Kellie? I suggested a TP group but haven't heard anything as of yet so figured just get the ball rolling :)
The group is new, hip, fresh....and rather pathetic as I'm the only member haha! Sure look, it's going to take a bit of time before see people joining. I'll do what I can to "Promote" it (tell your friends)!! Hopefully it gets going. Sure no point in waiting until later in the year to make it cause while not be until then for me, sure why not have it for others looking to go sooner.

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