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Australia - Summer 2015

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1. Posted by JosephDWalsh (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y


I'm a first timer! Travelling to Aus in June, hoping to stay there for a year. Everything regarding finances is set to go, the only main thing is destination! Like I said, im a first timer travelling to Aus, perhaps looking to meet up with someone out there to travel with for a while. Debating hiring a campervan out there and travelling around in that. Looking for some recommendations about places to visit! Also, if your travelling around the same time and looking for someone to buddy up with, by all means let me know! Already priced up a few campervans, that's all ready to go! Cheers.

2. Posted by Carlm90 (Inactive 38 posts) 2y

I'll be arriving in Aus around September/October time, be great to hook up at some point! I have a working visa there, planning to stay for a while. I'll be going NZ after that as I have a working Visa there to.

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3. Posted by JosephDWalsh (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y

Sounds cool man! Could always hook up and do a couple of campfire trips or something when your out of work. Is there anywhere specific your travelling to or at least what to travel?

4. Posted by Carlm90 (Inactive 38 posts) 2y

Yeah that would be great! I want to do the great ocean road and some other places to, I have a few friends in Perth that I want to go and see as well. I reckon I may settle in Perth for a while although I'm easy to where I go! First time travelling for me so all a new experience.

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5. Posted by JosephDWalsh (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y

Same here mate with the travelling experience! Well I don't mind where I go, just going to go along with it each day! I don't mind dropping you to your friends as well along the way or if they want to come! We could plan it properly mate.

6. Posted by Carlm90 (Inactive 38 posts) 2y

Yeah that's the plan, something new every day! That would be great mate. I'll keep in touch and go from there!