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Thailand alone March/April 2015

Travel Forums Asia Thailand alone March/April 2015

1. Posted by jen10 (Budding Member 69 posts) 2y

Im thinking about travelin to thailand from Ireland around end of march for a month r two.. proly visit cambodia aswell.. thinking about doin that Thaintro for the first wk good way to meet ppl... wud b cool to meet up with anyone else headin around same time. Get intouch :-)

2. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1684 posts) 2y

"... travelin to thailand from Ireland around end of march for a month r two.. "

Do a forum search for other solo travelers visiting Thailand. There are quite a few posts available.

Research the visa requirements. For more than 30 days in Thailand and arriving with a one way plane ticket. You may have to buy a tourist visa with one way ticket. Easy to get to Cambodia from Thailand.

Having a definite departure date and a round trip plane ticket might save you a lot of money when compared to buying two one way flights. Always do the math!

3. Posted by Elia_ (First Time Poster 1 posts) 2y

I've just joined the forum for the same reason.
I'm planning to trip from Rome to Bangkok in early march stay sometime in Thailand and probably move to Cambodia.
I'm in touch with some friends that I'll probably meet there but I'm departing by myself.
I'd really like to meet people to share a part of the trip.

4. Posted by iamvito (Budding Member 4 posts) 2y


I was also a traveller who ended up staying in Thailand for a couple of years now.

I agree with Karazyal. Research is the best thing to do. Research your visa requirements. It is the most important thing to know before and once you are in Thailand (and wanting to extend). Learn basic phrases of gratitude and apologies etc.. Know transportation options. I used apps/websites that are really helpful. Seat61 share ideas bout train travels, while 12go Asia, a legit ticketing app and website helps you get to buses, ferries and minivans instantly -like Agoda.

Travelling is all about learning while experiencing! :)

Happy Trip! Also, learn how to eat spicy food!

5. Posted by Lisajade78 (Budding Member 5 posts) 1y

Hey! I am looking at travelling South East Asia March time too & have been searching the Thai Intro also. I'm so exited about seeing the world but a travel buddy would be great!
Lisa x

6. Posted by MissCandy (Budding Member 48 posts) 1y

Hello! I've been in Bangkok, Thailand before and it was a great experience. If you love shopping, Bangkok is the right place for you! I love thai foods, although its a little bit spicy but overall very delicious. Things in thailand are very cheap:)

7. Posted by Shields144 (Budding Member 9 posts) 1y


Im going to Thailand 1st of april also from Ireland.

What are your plans?

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9. Posted by Azzie.N (Budding Member 13 posts) 1y

I'm going to India on 27th march for 4 weeks as part of a group and then travelling solo for2 and a half months after, I am thinking about doing Sri Lanka, Thailand and Laos too although I really want to do china! Is anyone else considering china?

10. Posted by BlakeKostka (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y

Hi I will be traveling Thailand March 5-20 2015 alone.

March 6-8 Bangkok then Chiang Mai 8-11 after that I have left open in case I meet up with other travelers. I do want to make it to Krabi and the Phi Phi Islands but other then that I am open.

Does anyone have suggestions?