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Solo traveller heading to Sydney End Feb

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Solo traveller heading to Sydney End Feb


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1. Posted by MariaDee (Budding Member 28 posts) 2y

Hi all,

Name Maria 23 from Manchester, I am heading to Sydney end Feb on a WHV, hoping to meet a few people before hand who are also heading to Sydney or are already there.

Also any pointers and suggestions on which hostels to stay at when I first arrive...

My plan is to be based in Sydney as I am going to be working but I also want to still do the travelling side i.e. Sydney tours, skydive, festivals etc so if anyone is down please hit me up with a email.

EEEEEEKKK excited :D

2. Posted by Tom161191 (Budding Member 124 posts) 2y

Hey mariah :)

I'm flying from manchester in 2 weeks to thailand, I'm there for about 2 weeks then flying to Gold Coast for a week ish, then I'm not sure where to go after that. I want to go and see the whitsundays , magnetic island etc before I start work , have you looked at them ?
Tom x

3. Posted by Bellab91 (Budding Member 6 posts) 2y

Hey Maria! I'll be flying from Toronto to Sydney feb 20th so excited and nervous:D Planning on looking for work in Sydney as well:) do you have work set up yet?
would be down for some travelling adventures:)


4. Posted by MariaDee (Budding Member 28 posts) 2y

Hi Tom

Your going to love Thailand I got back from there 2 months ago was there for a month, had one of the amazing times, I did most of the island in the south like ko samui, ko phagan, ko tai, as well as bangkok etc you going on your own? No I haven't first time hearing of it where about is it?

Hi Bella,

Fab you will be there four days before me then how exciting can hopefully show me around when i arrive. Yes i have just temp work what about yourself? have you sorted out accommodation etc. Im indecisive on which hostel to book for my first week.

Maria x

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5. Posted by Semisouthern (Inactive 8 posts) 2y

hey, I'm heading from Manchester to Sydney on the 19th feb. I'm staying at the YHA hostel in collaroy.

6. Posted by MariaDee (Budding Member 28 posts) 2y

how bizzare I was going to fly on the 19th too might have been on the same flight, im heading out on 24th. Not looked at that one in fact not looked at any yet :S what your plans when you arrive you basing yourself in Sydney or doing the east coast etc?


7. Posted by Tom161191 (Budding Member 124 posts) 2y

Hi mariah yeah I'm going on my own , yeah that's what I'm doing to :) did you do phi phi to ? Have a look at surfers paradise that's where I'm starting in aus it's amazing :) x

8. Posted by Semisouthern (Inactive 8 posts) 2y

I'm going to be in Sydney for a couple of months then travel up the coast and do Brisbane, cairns, surfers paradise, Byron bay etc and do my farm work at some point along the way so I can get my second year and have enough time to do Darwin, Alice springs, Adelaide and Melbourne and if i have enough time squeeze Perth on to the end. I want to see as much of Australia as I can. Collaroy YHA is just out side the city and is right on the beach they lend out surf boards bikes etc and will help with finding a job so it is ideal for me. I want to learn to surf before I get to surfers paradise!!

9. Posted by MariaDee (Budding Member 28 posts) 2y

No I didnt get chance to go phi phi thinking of going back after Aus to visit it and also Phuket as i didn't go there either :( have to let me know what phi phi is like if your heading there! aww cool i've heard of surfers paradise im going to have a proper look into places over aus as my knowledge inst that up to scratch haha! x

T hats good that they help you look for work and right by the beach eh sounds ideal for you give you chance to get your surfing practising in ;) visiting some great places. I have no route plan literally just winging it usually when i go with a plan something always pops up that takes me of course haha!

10. Posted by LisaM93 (Budding Member 6 posts) 2y

Hey everyone :) im heading Melbourne at the beginning of feb to visit family and stuff first then more then likely onto Sydney around the end of feb too see what the Craic is there! Also going alone so be nice to meet people in the same boat :)