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Small group traveling Europe first time next year.

Travel Forums Europe Small group traveling Europe first time next year.

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1. Posted by jen_jca (Budding Member 6 posts) 2y

Hi all,
Me and afew friends are saving this year and hoping to travel next year. Im looking for a bit of help as we are all a bit clueless haha.
So what is the best way to travel, transport wise?
Were are the best places to see? :)
Any info of anyone who has done a bit of travelling would be great, cheers
Jen :)

2. Posted by MarcoPolo89 (Full Member 159 posts) 2y

Hey Jen.
Well done for choosing to travel - I just spent 5 months all over Europe and it was awesome.
Maybe if you could tell us what you guys enjoy (e.g. History, nature, beaches, etc) then we can have a better idea of what to suggest. Also what kind of budget are you looking at doing as they can either rule out or add in certain countries and modes of transport. Any idea which countries you guys wanna see?

3. Posted by eilidh811 (Budding Member 11 posts) 2y

Hi Jen

Last Feb I went to Milan which was really really good! Especially for a group of girls as the shopping is amazing! I stayed in a really cheap hotel called 'Hotel Nuovo' (not great but it was clean etc which is the main thing! And very central) There are some beautiful cathedrals to see in Milan and it has a really good feel to it. I know EasyJet do pretty cheap flights out there, and it has good rail connections to other cities in Italy. Barcelona is also a brilliant city to visit, absolutely BUZZING! Best atmosphere I've felt in any city. Both during the day and a great nightlife.

Happy travels! :)


4. Posted by jen_jca (Budding Member 6 posts) 2y

Thanks guys :)
We are all very outdoorsie O.J so scenery and places we can walk, perhaps climb would be great. As we are planning to go next year we are hoping to have at least £3000.
On my map so far I have a route planned that goes from London then to Paris, France Switzerland ways. Then I think it was up towards Italy...I want to see Croatia....that is a must :) haha. Then I was looking at heading down back towards the UK. Again I'm very new to this so I'm not sure on prices and such..if I can get a rough idea of transport prices I will be more determined in my savings :) me and the girls are a very laid back bunch and happy to get our heads down wherever is cheap also.
Hope this helps for a bit of info :)
Milan appeals to me a lot Eilidh :)

5. Posted by eilidh811 (Budding Member 11 posts) 2y


Have you looked at Interrailing? My cousin did it last summer and she said it was the best way to get around.
Have a look at that website, they have reasonable prices and offer student passes's very highly recommended :) and probably the best way to get around Europe as a group at a decent price.
Hope you find something that suits you! x

6. Posted by MarcoPolo89 (Full Member 159 posts) 2y

And how long will this be for? £3000 would get you by in those countries for about 1-2 months. Switzerland is really expensive - I've not visited but one of my friends lives there, he does love it though. Croatia is nice - Dubrovnik and Split are very attractive cities; very touristy though. If you're going to go from Croatia to Italy, or vice versa, then I'd recommend stopping off at Lake Bled, in Slovenia, along the way - very nice place with some simple but rewarding hikes.
I agree with Eilidh about Barcelona; a very fun place to go to with some real quirky architecture around. Berlin is also a very fun place to hang out in, though that's definitely more for history buffs than nature lovers. I'd also recommend stopping off in Belgium on the way home - somewhere like Ghent or Bruges. Beautiful places!

The best option for transport, if you're looking for cheapest, in West Europe is buses. Trains are usually a lot more expensive and require you to book in advance if you want better prices, in the countries you've mentioned. You could get an Interrail Pass but these work out to be more expensive in the long run - most people get one for the convenience of not having to book very long in advance. It all really depends which cities you go to as the costs can vary greatly depending on what routes you take.

7. Posted by jen_jca (Budding Member 6 posts) 2y

Thanks guys :) this is all really helpful. I am currently in Switzerland. You are right, very expensive haha I will have a look at interailing thank you :)

Thank you so much for all your advise guys :-)

8. Posted by jen_jca (Budding Member 6 posts) 2y

Also I would be looking to go for about 1 or 2 months so that's fine. Any tips on what time of year is best?

9. Posted by MarcoPolo89 (Full Member 159 posts) 2y

May to July is the major peak season across Europe where some places raise their prices. The weather is still good a month or so either side of that :)

10. Posted by jen_jca (Budding Member 6 posts) 2y

Thank you :)