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1. Posted by rvcampertravele (Full Member 80 posts) 2y

2015 IS THE YEAR ... to do the whole route through Central and South America - BY CARAVAN (RV)...
Now it is easier with the new ferry service iN Panama (also a savings of a few thousand dollars!). I have traveled several times with the Trek of the Americas over the Pan American Highway, which is the world's longest highway!
This is it! Live with the locals, feel the climates, foods, beaches, and most of all....mingle with the natives....not from a CRUISE SHIP, A LUXURY HOTEL, A BUS TOUR OR SOME OTHER MODE ...JUST DIRECTING YOU WHERE THE TOURISTS SHOULD GO!! RIGHT? OR NOT?

IF you need any info , or coming from Europe, Asia, or other countries and need a ideal VEHICLE... just post and I will give you the info.

2. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 2y

How was the ferry operation between Panama and Colombia? They had some serious teething problems on start-up, but I haven't heard much since. Do they have the service running fairly smoothly now?



3. Posted by rvcampertravele (Full Member 80 posts) 2y

As of 3 weeks ago all was fine. Are you on your way or coming back north?

4. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 2y

Glad to hear that.

I'm not doing the ferry, I'm jumping down the east coast on my motorcycle on various boats.

Good luck to you.


5. Posted by fletchtommy (First Time Poster 1 posts) 2y

We took the ferry from Panama to Cartagena on 2nd Feb 2015 with Ferry Xpress. They only take cars about once a month due to problems with the loading platform. If anyone wants more info do get in touch.
We've taken our campervan from LA to Ecuador and are looking to sell it in Chile in March. Chevy Astro, 2001 - anyone interested or have any advice on how to sell or where to post adverts? Much appreciated!
Tom and Phili

6. Posted by rvcampertravele (Full Member 80 posts) 2y

thanks tom and philli
do they plan to fix it?
there is a rv dealer about 10 kms south of Santiago, on the west side of the Pan AM highway that buys RVs, you might check him out!

7. Posted by rvcampertravele (Full Member 80 posts) 2y

i got that info from the trekoftheamericas guys who sold a vehicle there

8. Posted by Destorm (Budding Member 9 posts) 1y

Thrilled to find you guys.

We will be traveling starting late spring from Canada, south through Central to South America.
Our worry is about the mandatory "return/onward ticket" that seems to be now enforced at all borders. I have read that some people are turned back at the border.
Have you encountered it? Other sites say to purchase a bus ticket...but we are in an RV.?! It is a big worry for us so any information would be great.

Thank in advance.


[ Edit: Edited on 28-Feb-2015, at 19:33 by Destorm ]

9. Posted by rvcampertravele (Full Member 80 posts) 1y

Not at all... we also have "Adventurelogs" road logs on the entire RV trip of the Trekoftheamericas, let us know also if you need any logistic assistance enroute... thanks

10. Posted by Destorm (Budding Member 9 posts) 1y

Thanks for replying,

I went to the site listed. But..nothing about return or onward ticket info.
We will be travelling on our own for at least a year or two with no fixed schedule in our own RV.
We may decide to find somewhere to settle down eventually. Or return home to Canada.

So back to the return or onward tickets? Does anyone ask if you are in your own vehicle?
Do they only ask if you fly or bus in?

Thanks again.
P.S. good luck and have fun on your trip.