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Australia Oct 2015 Solo Traveller (aaaahhhh!!!!)

Travel Forums Introductions Australia Oct 2015 Solo Traveller (aaaahhhh!!!!)


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41. Posted by jonnowilson (Budding Member 15 posts) 1y

Hey everyone,

I'm from Lancashire, England and I'm a 27 year old lad. I've decided to quit my job in Law and go travelling, why the hell not?! Single, in a boring job, always craving the beech, with a few grand to one side, so I'm going for it!

I'm going to fly to Bali, I've found flights for around £380 one way, and I'm going to stay in hostels over there for 2 weeks, costing around £8 per night. I will then fly on to Cairns for about £150, for those prices it effectively gives me a free holiday in Bali!!! I will begin my Australian adventure in Cairns! I will be going with a Working Holiday Visa, and will be looking to stay in hostels, eat and drink cheaply, soak up the weather and get any job I can. I will hope to do about 20-25 hours per week enabling me to meet friends and socialise.

If anyone here is going to Australia - Cairns in particular this summer, or even Bali, let me know. I am hoping to make friends for life along the way, so get in touch if you are, and even if you're not on the same route that I am, maybe we could meet up along the way in the next year. I will be travelling alone, and literally letting Australia take me in whatever direction it wants!

I will be taking about £4,000 GBP, which is what about $8,000 AUS? and will try to make it last as long as possible whilst working.

Im hoping to fly out around the 25th July.

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42. Posted by Kalle100 (Budding Member 10 posts) 1y

I'm 26 and decided to quit my job and head to Australia! All my friends have settled down now so it's now or never

I land in Sydney on the 1st November and start the Absolute Oz on the same day. Anyone else around then? :)

43. Posted by andyrewr (Budding Member 14 posts) 1y

Hey guys, I know this is late, but I'm leaving Manchester to Perth October 26th. Going to Melbourne on Boxing Day and 4 days later starting a tour which ends in Darwin, then to Brisbane and Cairns and then over to NZ in Feb.
Think any of you will be in any of those places?
P.S. like you guys never travelled alone before, so slightly anxious!:)

44. Posted by Ahun7er (Budding Member 12 posts) 1y

Hi guys!!

So, i'm off to Sydney i leave from Heathrow on 30th Sept and i'm going alone but really keen to meet some people, anyone going to be in the area around the same time? or even might be on my flight?

So excited to be heading alone, never traveled before but i am booked through STA travel on BUNAC as I've heard good reviews...

Just need to get saving....

45. Posted by Ahun7er (Budding Member 12 posts) 1y

Quoting SophB

I found some good deals on STA so I will most probably book with them! There is so much to think about i feel like I am being naive about it all. The more I think about it the more excited/nervous I get!

I thought the deals were great and i've gone with them, means i can chill-out and not worry about having to sort everything when i get there (flying 30th Sep from heathrow) What did you decide?

46. Posted by lenny.g (Budding Member 9 posts) 1y

Hey guys
Might be a bit late for some of you but anything you book with STA can be booked cheaper in Australia at a travel agents there...that can be buses or campervans for the East Coast and all the essential trips you will want to do like Fraser Island, The Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef!

47. Posted by Tiffless (Budding Member 21 posts) 1y

Hey guys!
Tiffany , 21, WHV, flying from Manchester to !Sydneyyyyyyy! Mid November and will stay in Sydney until probably mid January
Staying at Base hostel initially as booked with STA, then will be staying at Nates PLACE backpackers until Jan! Looks like a great hostel and dead cheap too! As I'm in Sydney over Christmas and NYE is anyone aware of any events or places to go for NYE? (Firework display is a must but I mean like parties or festivals ) HAPPY TRAVELS😀😀😀😀😀

48. Posted by Hainh002 (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y

I'm going to Australia in October and I'm going solo that's go!

49. Posted by Hainh002 (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y

going to Australia in October and I'm going solo that's go!

50. Posted by Emilyh256x (Budding Member 15 posts) 1y

Anyone going to be in Cairns 11th October? Xxx