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solo female 24 arriving sydney sept 2015. 1st time...HELP :)

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific solo female 24 arriving sydney sept 2015. 1st time...HELP :)

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11. Posted by LuceR396 (Budding Member 45 posts) 1y

Sophie I also just read the rest of the comments and noticed you live in Stafford. I only live about 20mins away from you the other side of Cannock!! Its definitely exciting talking to other people who have similar plans. Time if going to fly by and soon we will all be there enjoying ourselves :)

12. Posted by sophielou (Budding Member 13 posts) 1y

Oooo we should meet up :)
I am worrying about staying put in sydney and not finding work. . I'll have enough money to Live a few months without working but it'd the food that's going to be the shocker
I eat sooo much lol

My friend did work a bit In sydney he found the job ok but it wasn't something he wanted to do... but he got paid alot

I wud love to shoot of and do the east coast straight away but that means I have a time limit to do it all and be back and have accommodation within 3 months

This feed has helped me realise I don't wanna have to rush one of the best parts of australia. . If the east coast takes me 5 months it takes me 5 months

Wud be cool if we all met up there
Wether hostel or house share works our cheaper the more the merrier
Xmas on bondi is the thing .. I don't fancy a bbq Xmas day but when in rome

You guys just got to book it honestly there's no bigger push

&& If you know ur defo staying in sydney start Googling places get emailing them about jobs :)

13. Posted by LuceR396 (Budding Member 45 posts) 1y

Yeah we should meet up can chat about plans! I don't think it will be too hard to find jobs in Sydney. It just depends what type of work you are looking for. Even if you have to go out of the city a little bit to find work it would still be close enough to be back in the city for xmas and New Years.
Im just looking at ultimate oz trying to decide if I want to do their 7 day trip when I first arrive? Is anyone else thinking of doing this?

14. Posted by sophielou (Budding Member 13 posts) 1y

Iv booked it.. my mates said it's awesome for meeting people
They answer all my questions too

Well you just have yo think.. buisness need people for the busy period so sep-oct there going to be choosing there staff

Plus if your in there first your going to have the advantage over the late arrival backpackers naturally.. less competition
You also have to lie and say your planning staying around 6 months I heard

I need to do my rsa course to be able to serve alcohol in Victoria and new south Wales so I can work in a bar while I try find an office job... bar job would be beneficial as I get my days to me and people in the hostels who are noisy coming I'm at 3 wouldn't bother me as I'd be out :)

I'd consider looking in Melbourne if sydney was sparse but we'll see

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