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Budget Travel Advice Please! South-East Asia and India

Travel Forums Asia Budget Travel Advice Please! South-East Asia and India

1. Posted by tamara1kt (Budding Member 20 posts) 1y

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I am going travelling with my friend for 6 months, starting at the end of November this year (2015). We are in our early 20's, from England and haven't been travelling before. We are going to India, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos from the end of November to the end of May.

We are planning on saving £5,000 (7,553 USD, 6,953 Euro) each to take, however this also includes buying everything we need before we leave (like backpacks and cameras and stuff like that), and also includes flights. Do you think this is enough money for 6 months?? We are fine with slumming it, we'll be staying in hostels the whole time and not be splashing out on luxuries or anything. We are worried mostly about the travelling between places being expensive though?

Thanks for your help, any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

2. Posted by vanbest (Budding Member 21 posts) 1y

In 2010 I spent 10 month in Asia and spent about 4000 euro
Prices of getting from place to place are cheap, air Asia for flying.
If you plan to get booze and stuff, that will blow you pr budget like nothing else
Trains in India maybe expensive if you want to ride AC class
If you are happy to go with crowd it's cheap, but you have to book in advance, just an advice talk to someone who explain Indian booking system to you, that will be important while in India
You can just take a bus long distance one, but very tourist whet scammed you pay double or more than the local, you will understand that with time
I'm afraid there not too many hostels in some of the parts of India so you will stay In a hotel, though in some parts there hostels
And do negotiate especially in Delhi, go for half if the price of what they are offering, you'll get used to ;)

3. Posted by tamara1kt (Budding Member 20 posts) 1y

Okay great, thanks for the help vanbest! How many countries did you go to when you went for 10 months?

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4. Posted by vanbest (Budding Member 21 posts) 1y

Sri Lanka
South Korea
15 :)
My expenses I mentioned did not include japan or South Korea, hide 2 are different stories

5. Posted by tamara1kt (Budding Member 20 posts) 1y

Oh that's loads! Haha I wasn't expecting that. On only 4000 Euros as well, that's really good. That makes me feel more confident, thanks!

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