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extendable travel insurance

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1. Posted by stefc34 (Budding Member 60 posts) 1y

Hiya I was wondering if anyone knows about any travel insurance companies that do policies that are extendable for a second year? Don't really wanna pay for two years outright as I don't know if I'll definitely be travelling for a second year, I heard that sta travel and travel nomads do this, has anyone used these companies?
Thanks :)

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5844 posts) 1y

I think you mean World Nomads rather than travel nomads. Yes, I've used them and I'd happily recommend them. In fact, we do recomment them on Travellerspoint :)

3. Posted by stefc34 (Budding Member 60 posts) 1y

Yes I did mean world nomads! Lol I looked on their site but I couldn't see anything about their policies being extendable though? Is that definitely right?

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5844 posts) 1y

Ah actually, I had a look at their policy. They do definitely allow you to extend your insurance. But the maximum they will allow for a policy is 12 months. So it seems you wouldn't actually be allowed to extend for the full two years. Tricky thing that!

5. Posted by stefc34 (Budding Member 60 posts) 1y

hmm..well that's annoying really would like to be able to extend for a second year, I definitely heard there is a company where you can do that though, might be sta travel, I'll have to ring around at some point and find out, thanks for your help :)

6. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4890 posts) 1y

The Dutch company I used (many years ago) had specific backpacker insurance with a maximum 1 year policy, initially, but expandable during travels by up to a year at a time, up to a final maximum of 3 years. So things like that definitely do exist. Good luck finding one!

7. Posted by stefc34 (Budding Member 60 posts) 1y

Oh good! I'll just have to shop around until I find one then, ta :)