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1. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 11y

Perhaps one of the most comfortable train journeys I've ever had was for two days and two nights between Hanoi & Beijing. I was told it would actually take three days, so I was caught unawares when the conductor wanted me to disembark at Beijing West station 24 hours sooner than I expected

2. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 11y

The best train journey I can ever remember was from Milan to Zurich. I had just got news that I'd done really well in my college exams, it was the first day of a trip around Europe. The weather was fabulous and the scenery just blew me away!

3. Posted by Brendan (Respected Member 1824 posts) 11y

From Krasnyarsk to Moscow. It took just over three days... lots of cucumber, tomato, suasage (when i still ate sausage), and vodka

4. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 11y

This won't hit the finals for the "exciting" list, but I really enjoyed the train ride between Montreal and Quebec last April with my b/f, who was visiting from Belfast. He commented on a "pet" cemetary (aparently gravestones in Europe are a lot bigger than they are here) and he was terribly excitd to see a dead deer who's backside had been munched away by some creature or another.

It was a really nice vacation - so that alone made the train ride memorable.

5. Posted by Caroline25 (Full Member 27 posts) 11y

The worst train trip I have ever endured occurred when I traveled from Madrid to Alicante. I didn't plan ahead to assure me a seat in a non-smoking cabin (P/S: I'm an asthmatic!) so I endured around 4&1/2 hours of smoke. I don't know how smokers can do it, honestly! I felt like I was choking the entire time.

6. Posted by Travel100 (Travel Guru 1556 posts) 11y

My favorite was the Glacier Express through Switzerland.

I've had a few other "memorable" ones but not becasue they were so good.

7. Posted by Travel100 (Travel Guru 1556 posts) 11y

My worst ever was in China, in Jan. 1992, (Xian-Louyang-Shanghai). A 24 hour journey and the temperature in the compartment never went over around -5/c (and most of the time I'm sure it was even colder than that)! There was a bowl of water in the compartment and it was FROZEN SOLID, and it never thawed.

The bathroom was worse than you can even imagine (and I've seen some bad ones).

I got so sick that in Shanghai I had a (103+/degree) fever.

I hope the trains are better now.

8. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 11y

I took a really nice "Californa Car Tour" a few years ago..absolutly BEAUTIFUL...two day train ride down the coast..very relaxing;)

9. Posted by smythy (Full Member 237 posts) 11y

Mine (so far) was across Norway from Bergen to Oslo. It takes bout 7 hrs non stop but i split it over two days and stopped at Flam where u jump on another train to get to Flam (right on the valley floor between the mountains (its the steepest railway in the world - make sure u bring earmuffs, they use the brakes alot) but the views are fab! Then came back up from Flam and continued to Oslo 'across the roof of norway' (they go on top of the mountain for a while - boy! its barren up there but stunning scenery) and then into Oslo - a really sweet trip for the first time on a train!

10. Posted by Travel100 (Travel Guru 1556 posts) 11y


I think I've seen that train when it went by right on the beach in San Clemente/ Is that the same one? Where did you start and end?