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Display photo information in the thumbnail pop up window

Travel Forums System Talk Display photo information in the thumbnail pop up window

1. Posted by mcd0nag (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y

Hi. I'm new to Travellerspoint. When I look at the sample templates, I can click on a thumbnail image and new window pops up with a larger version of the image and a title and caption (e.g. Ghosttown Bowie and "Church left standing in the ghosttown of Bowie." in the sample). When I've tried using the same feature in my blog, I get the image, but none of the text information. Could you please provide some guidance on where the text information is coming from? How do I add it?

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4941 posts) 1y

You've already provided this information by giving your photos a title. The missing step is how to insert a photo into a blogpost in a way that it triggers the popup with the caption.

In the dialog for inserting a photo, there's two/three options for each photo: Thumbnail, Regular and (depending on the photo resolution) Large. If you click on the Thumbnail option, it'll insert the photo in a way which causes the popup, but not the caption. However, next to the text Thumbnail there's a little icon, with a tooltip of "Include photo title as caption by clicking on this icon". If you click that icon, rather than the Thumbnail text, the popup will include the caption.

You can also manually set (or change) a caption by modifying the code which gets inserted into the textarea.
The code for an image with popup looks like this:

[img= thumb=]

With a caption, it'll look like this:
[img= thumb= caption=Your Caption]
3. Posted by mcd0nag (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y

Thank you very much Sander. This did the trick. The captions don't show up in the preview mode, but are there when published.

Your help is very much appreciated.