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1. Posted by Quercus (Full Member 76 posts) 11y

I have read the 'Forum Rules' and was just wondering if there were informal codes or conduct or courtesy governing the content of posts?
I was prompted to ask this question when I was reading a post about scoring girls (Asia forum) and reminded me of a similar post about getting prostitutes in Barcelona (mid 2004, Europe forum).
Its just, as a woman, I find it all a bit demeaning and part of me really feels like posting how inappropriate I think it is to treat women like pieces of meat, bodies for your own pleasure etc.
Its not that I'm a prude, I don't care what happens between two consenting adults, but I see scoring with girls in poor countries and paying for prostitutes, exploitation...
So I'll pose some questions:
Is it inappropriate for people to give advice on these topics?
Is it inappropriate for someone to post their disapproval of a post?
Do you think the forum should be free and open to any discussion and so people who disapprove/disagree should just not read/not post?

I am just interested in everyone's opinions....

2. Posted by Quercus (Full Member 76 posts) 11y

Or am I overreacting?

3. Posted by daveh (Travel Guru 1027 posts) 11y

My personal view is that the post you are on about - the guy is just a young lad who wants to go somewhere locally in Asia to have fun and go on the pull after being stuck on a military base for months on end - he hasn't asked the best place to go and find prostitutes?? Thousands upon thousands in the west flock to mediterranean resorts every year for exactly the same reason and it doesn't seem to bother anyone. If he had asked the best place to go and party and get girls in Europe i bet you wouldn't have even posted this thread.

I think it's inappropriate for someone to post a thread asking the best place to find prostitutes, and it's certainly not inappropriate for you to express your views as that is why a lot of people enjoy this forum as it's open and interesting to hear what people have to say. Prostitution is exploitation. Not sure why you think 'scoring' with someone from a 'poor' country is exploitation, as the statement kind of suggests you shouldn't have a partner from a 'poor' country, maybe you can explain that as i might be misinterpreting.

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 11y

Hi Quercus,

Thanks for the question, it's a good one :)

Our no.1 rule is actually NO swearing, derogatory or inflammatory remarks are allowed

We have edited posts based on this rule in the past. There have been a few rather sleazy 'travel companion' requests that really didn't belong on a travel forum

Although we try to be sensitive to this, we don't necessarily get to see every post and possibly don't find the same things derogatory as someone else. I hadn't actually seen the one in the Asia forum, but now you mention it, it looks pretty borderline to me as well!

I'm not sure about the prostitute one you're referring to - can you refer me to the thread? Seems like a definite delete!


5. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y

Hi Quercus,

A very good question indeed. First off, I should say that the forum rules are more of a general guideline than anything else. In some cases, like the Asia posting or another thread that is currently going on about Argentinian women, it gets borderline especially with some of the replies. It's a fine line and sometimes posts are removed or edited that others don't see. I'm subscribed to most posts where I think it could go the wrong way and am usually alerted by other members to other threads where they feel something might be 'wrong'.

As a travel forum, anything that gets too sidetracked from travel and isn't posted in the off topic forum, is very debatable. As daveh mentions though, this particular thread about asia is about someone going travelling and asking advice on places to visit which offer a 'party' or nightlife style. I think if it was rephrased and not so 'in your face' it wouldn't even need to be a borderline case but because of the wording it could be construed as offensive. I gave it the benefit of the doubt when I first saw it partly again for the same reasons that daveh mentions, there are a lot of travellers heading to a lot of different destinations in search of something similar (we all travel for different reasons I guess!) although they might not say it the same way

If someone feels offended by a thread and doesn't feel comfortable posting that, we'd love to hear about it. Just drop me a message anytime about this kind of thing. I also think it's a good idea to post a reply that you don't feel it's an appropriate thread for example. That will at least let the poster realize that there's more than themselves to consider when posting...

Anyway, hope the above rambling helps :)

ps. travel gurus and respected members can actually flag posts as inappropriate or spam and remove them from the public eye. This has worked well with most blatant offensive and spam things but I think everyone feels some posts are a hard call; it's a rough life

6. Posted by areinstein (Travel Guru 2788 posts) 11y

Quoting Sam I Am

ps. travel gurus and respected members can actually flag posts as inappropriate or spam and remove them from the public eye. This has worked well with most blatant offensive and spam things but I think everyone feels some posts are a hard call; it's a rough life

I do read almost every thread in the forums, the most current ones at the very least, and I have found some that I think SOME may find offensive, although it doesnt bother me in the least. I dont want to overreact either and flag everything that comes thru TP that may offend only a few but the question is...if we flag something and you dont think is innapropriate, can the post be reposted (sorry for the redundancy) by you guys?

7. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y

Yep, we can override a post that's been flagged as spam and put the thread back live. Generally we'll get the drift of what you figured was spam and would edit the post if we agree but still think parts of it could be live.

A reply would help sometimes if it's a really vague case. -snip-

We'd remove it if we decided to put the thread back live...

Have to run now... a flight to holland to catch!


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