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Travelling to Australia February 2016

Travel Forums Travel Companions Travelling to Australia February 2016

1. Posted by Ryan2189 (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y

23yr old male from Wales, Uk. Heading over to Australia end of February 2016. Havnt yet decided on where I'd like to start off but if there are any others heading over around the same time let me know know your ideas. Would be cool to find someone to travel with. Plan on working doing the required work to qualify for the second year. Drop me a message any of you are looking for someone to travel with

2. Posted by stefc34 (Budding Member 60 posts) 1y

Hey I travelling to oz at the start of feb, starting in Sydney and I'm also hoping to do the 88 days work to qualify for a second year 😀

3. Posted by Ryan2189 (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y

Cool, so have you done any travelling in the past?. Was thinking of starting off either Melbourne/ Sydney or cairns. Mind me asking how much you intend on taking with you? And have you found any decent and reasonable priced insurance company's? Looking to do the work for second year too and looking into fruit picking some are good payers and provide accommodation good way to save.

4. Posted by stefc34 (Budding Member 60 posts) 1y

Hey, this will be my first time travelling and going by myself :) I'm hoping to take around £5000 with me, that should keep me afloat for a 2-3 months whilst I look for a job and I actually already bought my travel insurance, I got it through sta and I got it for £400 which is not the cheapest I could have got it but I went through them as they are extendable for second year which I'd would like to do. I was more thinking of hopefully getting a job as a jilleroo on a station for my 88 days as I've heard alot of bad stories about fruit picking

5. Posted by Ryan2189 (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y

Ah right, will be my first time too. Never been abroad before so will be a new experience. Would you be interested in travelling with someone?. Cool I was looking to take around the same amount with me. What have you heard about fruit picking? Glad I've mentioned it now haha. I'll have to look into insurance myself preferably looking to go fully covered as I'd like to get a mountain bike and do some mountain biking out there. You looking to save enough out there to possibly cover the second year of travels?. Had a quick look into the work your looking for looks interesting. Have you looked into that kind of work?

6. Posted by stefc34 (Budding Member 60 posts) 1y

I heard that alot of places take advantage of travellers and alot will only pay by the bucket so you could literally do 12 hrs and earn like $30 or something, also alot of them will charge you for accommodation or try and get money out of you for various other things, I think if you can find a decent place though it is a really good way of earning money and saving, I just quite fancy being in the outback and doing the 88 days on a station and alot of time you get meals and accommodation in the farmers house etc and I have looked into it and found this blogger who advertised herself on Gumtree and got a really sweet deal on the station, so I was gonna do the same lol! And yeah it'd be cool to travel with someone, especially fancied renting a camp a van and doing the east coast or great ocean road, or both haha :)

7. Posted by Ryan2189 (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y

Ah right I see, I guess it's easy for travellers to be taken advantage of. Sounds good, outback is possibly where I'd like to do my work too or near the great barrier reef. I've got a trade behind me just trying to find the work out there on a whv for that type of work. I assume you have a drivers license? Something I'm without and undecided on Wetherby to take my test before I head off. Both sounds like a plan tbh haha. So what have you got booked so far? Where abouts you from in the UK?

8. Posted by stefc34 (Budding Member 60 posts) 1y

Yeh ive got a drivers license, it could be handy to have your license before you go. Im not certain if id find jobs in what i do now which is working with adults with autism, but if you have trade behind you i imagine you'll probably get paid abit more as well which is good. Im from Lincolnshire in the uk, nearish to Hull if you know of it lol? And ive booked my flight, a weeks stay at a hostel in sydney, got my visa and insurance as well, so all i need to do now is get saving! :) have you booked anything yet?