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Any tips? Volunteering in SE Asia!

Travel Forums Asia Any tips? Volunteering in SE Asia!

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1. Posted by TYWH (Budding Member 5 posts) 1y

Hello fellow travelers!

In September we are going to start our journey!
We are starting on Sulawesi in Indonesia and are planning to visit Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos after Indonesia but everything is open for discussion.
While we’re there we don’t just want to sit on our ass but actually do something good so we’ve decided to volunteer using workaway & helpx, this means we stay with our hosts and travel from host to host. To do this we want to challenge ourselves and do it on the smallest budget possible.

We would love to hear some tips or experiences of other travellers who have used this method.
Also we would like to hear any tips and stories about your experience in these places and of course recommendations!

Also we are taking with us a Gopro & no notebook just galaxy tab & ipad, I have been told that it is pretty much impossible to properly edit Gopro videos on a tablet or phone, which i can understand.Does anyone have any tips on this? There must be SOME option right? everything i have tried so far took like 10 mins with every change..

Houda & Ladinya.

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2. Posted by robin1234 (Inactive 3 posts) 1y

I think Srilanka also good

3. Posted by tatianaabreu (Budding Member 86 posts) 1y


I have experienced workaway in Nepal in two different places.
It is a great way to get to know the locals and learn about their lifestyle while helping them in their daily tasks.
Just be aware that depending on the offer, you might find it more as a cultural exchange than a proper volunteering experience. If you want a real volunteer experience try to engage with NGO's that are listed on the website, otherwise most of the time you will just be living and helping a family, which can nonetheless be rewarding. Also, in order for the people to really benefit from your contribution, i would advise you to stay a minimum of 2-3 weeks at each place.

WIsh you happy travels!

4. Posted by robin1234 (Inactive 3 posts) 1y

This is time to visit SRILANKA some area now vacation start

5. Posted by tjarvis (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y

Often the best thing to do is find somewhere you like then just start talking to people and finding out about local projects. Ask lots of questions and be wary of scams - I've heard that in Cambodia there are fake orphanages where parents are persuaded to part with their children to give them 'a better life' and tourists pay to volunteer and 'help' these children.

Here are a few volunteer projects I've come across whilst travelling which I would definitely recommend:

Thailand - Chiang Mai - Elephant Nature Park:
Hard work but an incredibly inspiring place to volunteer. Lek, who set up the park to rescue elephants and educate people about this endangered species, is absolutely amazing (as are the elephants)!

Thailand - Chiang Mai - Joy's House:
This is a lovely guest house where the profits go to help fund a children's shelter supporting vulnerable children and young people from the mountain areas of Thailand...they are given the skills to run every aspect of the guesthouse and also manage a farm. Volunteers are required to volunteer for a minimum of 3months, so would be fine for your volunteer (many I spoke to there chose to stay longer or returned as they enjoyed it so much) and contribute 150 euros per month for food and accommodation. Email Joy's House directly to organise.

Thailand - Koh Lanta - Animal Rescue:
If you love cats and dogs this is the place to be! Many people we met there had intended to just volunteer for a week or two and loved it so much they stayed months. They're doing a fantastic job to reduce suffering of animals on the island and thanks to them most have been neutered and many re-homed. It's also on a beautiful Thai island!

Cambodia - Siem Reap - ConCERT:
Their mission is to reduce poverty by increasing the benefits from tourism and other sources for the most needy people in Cambodia (and of all the countries in SE Asia they probably need the most help). They will help match you with a responsible volunteer organisation in Cambodia. I think this would be an amazing country to volunteer in and somewhere that you could really help make a difference. Even if you're not interested in volunteering in Cambodia there is some very good general advice about volunteering overseas on their website!

Indonesia - Bali - Green School Bali:
This is the greenest school in the world, an incredible place - just look at the website there's too many great things to be able to summarise here! They say "We welcome your ideas, connections and experience to enhance our sustainability, care for our environment, build on our programmes and support our fundraising efforts"

Have a fantastic time!!!! :)

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7. Posted by TYWH (Budding Member 5 posts) 1y

Thank you all so much for your helpful advice and recommendations!
Everything said was very useful to us and we'll keep everything in mind.

Thank you very much!

8. Posted by Ed_P (Budding Member 11 posts) 1y

I don't think it's realistic to edit your Gopro stuff on a tab but if you pop into internet cafes and use hostel machines along the way you'll probably find they'll let you get editing on there as long as you ask nicely (or just don't tell them you're downloading the software!)

9. Posted by TYWH (Budding Member 5 posts) 1y

Quoting Ed_P

I don't think it's realistic to edit your Gopro stuff on a tab but if you pop into internet cafes and use hostel machines along the way you'll probably find they'll let you get editing on there as long as you ask nicely (or just don't tell them you're downloading the software!)

Which software would you reccomend I should download in an internetcafé than? Don't you think it would take a long time to download and instal the software before i can use it? haha

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