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1. Posted by hasbeen (Respected Member 670 posts) 1y

I have a blog of over 200 entries, twenty some of which are about my recent Ayerwaddy river cruise in Myanmar.

I have created a separate blog that I want to only use for the twenty about Myanmar ..

Is there a way of copying the twenty that are in blog A into blog B without creating a new entry in blog B & copy / paste & save each entry? I am thinking of something like 'save as' into the domain for blog B.

Also - a few people are subscribed to my blog. Is that subscription just to Blog A or is it a subscription to all of the blogs I create?


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5846 posts) 1y

Hi Steve,

There's no specific tool for this. I don't think there is enough demand for a feature like this to really warrant building it either. However, if you let me know exactly which entries they are and what you want to happen with them, I can probably do this manually for you. It wouldn't be an overly complex query to run. Just send me a PM with the exact details.

3. Posted by hasbeen (Respected Member 670 posts) 1y

Peter - I was just wondering if I had missed some thing. I appreciate your offer, but I know you are busy & I have lots of time. I will do it myself .Thanks.

And thank you for your advise re the adverting the other day. I have gone with your suggestion about using Google adwords express.


4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5846 posts) 1y

Ok, no worries. Let me know if it becomes a drag.