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South East Asia September/October 2016

Travel Forums Asia South East Asia September/October 2016

1. Posted by kanebond (Budding Member 4 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Hello guys and girls im looking to go around south east asia for a 5/6 weeks starting in thailand bangkok the end of september(20th september hopefully) and travel down to phuket for the full moon on the 27th september and then i wanted some advice on were to travel to after? Also want to know how good Tokyo is and if its worth going for a few days its gonna be me and 2 other male friends so if your travelling around them dates give me a message

Cheers Kane

2. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1852 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Tokyo will not be cheap if you are on a tight budget. Japanese come to Thailand for cheap holidays. Tokyo is a popular tourist destination but it depends on what you want to do. Tokyo used to be the most expensive city in Asia but now Singapore is in that #1 spot.

Phuket is more expensive than Bangkok. Patong area is popular for partying, etc. (Transportation is real cheap in Bangkok.) Not too far from Bangkok is Pattaya Beach. This is a beach area good for partying, cheap hotels, cheap city transportation, etc. Beach is NO GOOD for swimming but okay for other beach activities like sunbathing, restaurants, bars, etc. Read up on "Jet Ski Rental scams" also "motor scooter scams" too. (Motorcycle - motor scooter accidents account for quite a few tourist deaths in Thailand. Not always because they are drunk and do stupid things, maybe without protection, too often Thai drivers do the unexpected. Have proper license but even better to not drive, especially drunk.)

Most young tourists head for Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party. Google up more info on this place and how to get there - from wherever.

Get the basics down. How to change currency. (Best rate for Western currencies is in Thailand.) Transportation from airport to hotel. Where in Bangkok for your hotel and include how much per night you want to spend for a room if you ask for hotel help. Same for other areas. Read some of the many posts on how to handle money in Thailand and Asia. If you intend to use a debit type card for ATM withdrawals make sure you tell your bank you will be overseas. Don't depend on a single card because that card can be stolen, lost or damaged.

Round trip tickets to Bangkok from UK is usually cheaper than buying two one way flights. Depends on the airline so do some price comparison.

Visas. With UK visa you can enter Thailand with a Visa Exemption stamp in your passport you get at the airport. This is for 30 days. Also you must have a round trip ticket home or a flight out of the country within 30 days. Longer stays only in Thailand look into buying a tourist visa. Many tourists do visit other countries flying from and back to Thailand. Philippines is one choice too, cheaper than Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Depends on what you want to do though. From Thailand you can go overland to Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.

From this Travellerspoint Travel Guide section read up some of the "things to see and do." (Regular Google search can be helpful for "how to get from one city to another" and "for things to see and do.")

3. Posted by kanebond (Budding Member 4 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Well ive seen hostels for £20-£30 a night per person in Tokyo aswell so thats not to bad but would be looking to stay there for between 4-6 days depending on how much money i will spend there. Ive heard that Tokyo is one of the most places in asia so i have budgeted £50-£60 a day.

As for Thailand we was looking to start of in bangkok and work are way down maybe check Pattaya beach then maybe get the boat straight to Koh Phangan or travel down through Chumphon to Surat Thani and travel over to Koh Phangan but not planning ahead really just going to get there and see what vibe i want to follow. And i wont be renting no jet skis or motorcycles im coming to travel not for a death wish lol I was going to take some cash and a pre paid travel debit card.

Flight wise ive found flight with flight centre for £409 return the 20th sept and returning on the 30th october and on other sites ive found flights for £450-£550 not to bad. After Thailand and Tokyo we was looking to maybe travel to Cambodia , Laos and a few other places to get back to Thailand to travel down to Koh Phangan and maybe get a 2nd Full moon party at the end of October then back to Bangkok for a flight home but thats just a rough idea at the moment thanks for the advice karazyal i will defiantly have a look at the Thailand guide on here
Cant wait to relex for

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