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Travel Forums Round the World Travel Vaccines??!?

1. Posted by Black_paperclip (Budding Member 6 posts) 1y

Hi I'm looking for advice from people who have done traveling around the world, specifically when stopping off in Asia.

Me and my boyfriend are staying in Aus for about 6/7 months then traveling through Fiji, up round New Guinea, Maylasia and into Thailand etc.

Can we get our vaccines in Aus under our Medicare agreement or should we get it from a UK GP before we go?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated (Y)

2. Posted by Andyf (Moderator 712 posts) 1y

Probably all in the UK beforehand as they last a few years.

But see your GP practice nurse who'll be able to advise you on specifics of the places you're going. Mine uses the NHS Scotland fit for travel website.

The main thing you can't vaccinate against is malaria; they'll probably advise tablets suited to the strains in your destinations.

Go early; some vaccines need a couple of shots a few months apart to be effective.

3. Posted by larinaperez4 (Inactive 5 posts) 1y

Asia is a great continent to visit. A large number of tourists enjoy their holidays in Asia.

4. Posted by Black_paperclip (Budding Member 6 posts) 1y


I actually managed to get booked in at the doctors before we go.

Regards x