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Travelling in a big group

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1. Posted by BryonyGray22 (Budding Member 2 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I'm travelling in South East Asia in November for four months before heading to Australia for a working year, There are about 5 of us going and it may go up to 6, normally travelling is done solo or in two's and I'm just worried that with so many people going things will get difficult; i.e. deciding where to go, meeting new people, socialising with others, finding accomodation and travel that will fit us all.

Just wondering if anyone had any tips on this topic or had any experience travelling with that many people?

2. Posted by Budgie Escapee (Budding Member 27 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Hi there. Think about what you want to get out of the travel. If you have specific things you want to do, then it could become challenging to ensure these things happen if others in the group do not have similar plans. Don't forget you don't have to do everything in a wouldn't want to go all that way and reach the end of it thinking you never got out of it what you wanted to. On the other hand, if you go with a relaxed 'I don't really care what happens or what I see because it will all be new to me' attitude, then maybe you don't need to worry at all...just go with the flow with what others want and let them battle it out if there are competing ideas. Maybe talk as a group about your expectations. Some of you might not mind crashing in a cheap, little-bit-dirty hostel, but others might prefer staying in a nice, clean hotel all the time, even if it is a bit more expensive. Some of you might have different opportunities open to you based on how much spending money you might have. Some of you might not mind eating street food all the time or exploring hidden back-streets...whereas others in the group may be less inclined to be as adventurous. Talk to each other and understand what each person's expectations are before getting there. You will then all be able to work together to help every person get out of the experience exactly what they want. Good luck!

3. Posted by maps2anywhere (Budding Member 42 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Traveling in group has always been a better experience for me. If you are jolly and want to have fun on the way to your destination then group traveling is the best thing you are doing. Few safety points - remember how many people are there in your group before you leave one place and reach to another, always be in contact, avoid too much carelessness (it is seen that in group traveling people often get careless about the safety of each other.)

4. Posted by robmer (Full Member 105 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Traveling in a group could be fun. With more people, there are more ideas presented which can only increase your experiences. If your group varies greatly in age, it could be a little difficult because younger people would be more interested in heavier physical activity and older people might want to do things that are more sedate. If different ideas contrast with each other, then you might consider splitting up for the day to do each. You can all meet later and share your experiences.

I always enjoy meeting new people and even when I go on a trip as a couple or single, I like to talk to other fellow travelers that I meet to share experiences. Give it a shot.

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6. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1853 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

There is good and bad and sometimes more bad about traveling in a small group.

Planning on using a dorm or separate rooms? Is this a mixed group - ladies and gentlemen - or all guys? If mixed who gets to sleep in the room with the lady? This going to be a problem later on? Everyone got about the same amount of money?

Traveling in a group you always have someone to talk to! On the other hand you always someone you HAVE to listen to too! Sometimes too often for some people who never shut up or speak loud all the time! When you have a group traveling together you may have one person who always gets in trouble, someone frequently runs late, someone who may be a cheapskate too!

If someone in your group is a big time doper be careful he doesn't cause you to be noticed by the police. In Southeast Asia they do not slap you on the wrist and call mommy and daddy to fix things. The police will just throw you in jail or even worse. Some dopers hide their dope in their traveling companions bags. Friends from back home you usually know what they are like. Someone new you add to the group you just don't know!

I think an even amount is more manageable. You could have 2 to a room on a more equal basis. Usually you can get a room with twin beds. If a third person in the same room he/she gets the roll-out fold up bed. Hard to fit four people in a taxi. Five people even more of a problem.

Make sure your passports have sufficient time to see you through you time away from home. Different countries means different visa requirements. If you intend to work in Asia some countries require a work permit and proper visa.

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