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Your favorite place for vacation and why?

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Your favorite place for vacation and why?

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11. Posted by poojaboard (Inactive 6 posts) 1y

I like to spend vacation in India. India is famous for tourist destinations. Shimla , Mumbai, Matheran , keral these places are very attractive.

12. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member 155 posts) 1y

A great trip for my husband and I always includes snorkeling.
Beautiful Coral and an abundance of fish is a must, the Maldives and the Red Sea provide this in abundance.
I have a 3 month trip planned for next year around the Indian Ocean and taking in Egypt.
We traveled to Hawaii last year the snorkeling on the main island wasn't anything to write home about though.
We did have a good snorkel on a couple of the other islands, I can't remember the names unfortunately.
I saw my first sea snake, red and black stripes I was a little scared I can tell you.
The other island had the biggest turtles I have ever swam with amazing.
The world is an amazing exciting place and we can never get enough of it.
Happy traveling.

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