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18 and traveling

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1. Posted by Sandra1121 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y

Well I'm graduating high school this year and my beloved parents offered to pay for me and one of my friends to go wherever we want. The things is we have to do all the planning and everything ourself. So I definitely need some advice and tips. At first we were looking into cruises but then found out that one of us has to be at least 21 years old so that was a bummer. Now we're looking more into air ways. We haven't decided exactly where to go yet but I'm definitely considering either Europe or something along those lines with plenty of fun stuff to do. Any suggestions where we should go? Should I get a travel agent? I need tips and advice!

2. Posted by Andyf (Travel Guru 640 posts) 1y


Yeah cruises was a lucky escape, because while they have their merits you would be on a ship full of geriatrics. If it was an American cruise ship, geriatrics gambling and not stopping so many places! :-)

Are there limits to the duration and cost of your parents' offer?

For Europe you could get a rail pass and explore a load of places, this works if you have a couple of weeks or more. Look up interrail or eurail pass.

A lot of people would hit Thailand as an intro to south east asia. Once there it's very cheap, it's exotic and interesting, maybe a bit full on though?

If you have some time (say 3 or 4 weeks minimum) I'd also suggest New Zealand. Not too alien, not all that costly (the big bit is the flight, which makes it more worthwhile if used for a longer stay), but plenty of variety to see and do. NZ is the safe side of adventure - plenty of managed thrills like bungee and the shotover jet, set against a backdrop of stunning scenery. Hot springs, Maori culture, mountains, glaciers, tropical bits, geothermal stuff. Plenty of bus tours for backpackers if you want that, or bus passes to just travel independently.

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