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Should I take my SLR?!

Travel Forums Travel Photography Should I take my SLR?!

1. Posted by shellb (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y


Right this may sound silly to some, but should I take my Cannon Rebel SLR or should I get myself a good digital?!
Im off to Oz and Nz for a year and dont want to miss a thing, but Im thinking SLR, lenses and carrying case is more than popping a good digital in my bag and away i go!! Plus i can download and send home almost instant!
Im no pro by any means (just got it last year when I went to Kenya! oooh the dust was a nightmare!!) but would be a shame not to have the advantage of the bigger lenses (i go up to 300mm)...any suggestions?!
So SLR or digital?!

ideas are very welcome....

2. Posted by georgep (Respected Member 201 posts) 11y

I would go for SLR. Maybe think of a digital slr to make it easier and canon has some nice models :)

That way you can reuse your lenses and maybe even invest in a 300mm zoom.

I don't know what kind of lenses you have know but i travel a fair bit (and am a photographer) and most time i don't use more then the range 17 - 135 mm (that means two zoom lenses and my 50mm) normaly i also take my 1.4x converter to give me a little bit more zoom for if i need it 135 x 1.4 = 189mm x 1.6 (digital chip size smaller then 35mm) = 302mm and i use it sometimes but normaly i keep my 28-135 on my camera.

Hope it helps.


3. Posted by shellb (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y

Hi George ....thanks for this advice..yeah Id love to get myself a digital SLR, but prices here in the uk are still pretty expensive ...I picked up my automatic with lenses in the us!
I have sigma lens...28-80mm and 70-300mm, probably more than enough if I was to take the SLR but I was also thinking of a converter, more for the 80mm that would probably be enough for what id want to take, and then less for me to carry round! But knowing me Id regret not having the 300mm with me!
Im into wildlife, so having the bigger lenses would be a great advantage...just worried about carring so much around

any suggestions?!

4. Posted by georgep (Respected Member 201 posts) 11y

I would take both your leses if i where you. A converter could help you but i don't think it gives enough if you only take the 28-80mm.
Specialy for wildlife you need that 300mm i do a lot of wildlife (not really on holidays do) and can't do it with the 300 (some of my wildlife shots are at my photosite )

I personaly don't mind carrying my gear but i also have to say that i don't walk arround with it for a year :)

Maybe it could be an option to buy a digital slr in australie / NZ (don't know about prises or you budget)

Because film could be gettin a hassel if you have a lot of it. But yeah i am use to shooting a couple of rolls a day (that way digital is way easier and cheaper)

Hope this helps.


5. Posted by shellb (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y

You know Id never thought of buying the body of a digital in Oz! that way I can still take my lens and wont need to carry the film around...excellent, I will check out some prices (and my budget!)!!
Ive taken a look at your site, and the bald eagle pics are amazing, how did you get so close!?
I might try to post some of my pics on my site...Im no pro and Ive only just really started, but I managed to capture a Hippo coming out of the water whilst visiting the Mzima Springs in that im quite proud of if I do say so myself

Id love to hear any tips/advice you have on wildlife photography....


6. Posted by georgep (Respected Member 201 posts) 11y


Some wildlife tips that seem to work for me is.

- Wait and wait and wait.
- come back as often as you can
- shooting a lot (for instance it took 20 rolls of film for i had one descent bald eagle shot. or at least good enough to sell)