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Where should go hiking in US.?

Travel Forums North America Where should go hiking in US.?

1. Posted by natmaneekarn (Budding Member 3 posts) 1y

I really like hiking so this time I'm going to the US. and I want to go hiking somewhere if anyone can give me some kind of places that I should probably go that would be very grateful of you.

2. Posted by TeflonCDN (Full Member 129 posts) 1y

You should probably include a bit more info about when you be in the US and what part of the country you will be in.

In addition, "going hiking somewhere" can be a 3 hour walk in a State Park or a hike on a long trail that would require weeks or months... How long of a hike are you looking for?

Providing these important details may lead to some more responses.

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3. Posted by natmaneekarn (Budding Member 3 posts) 1y

Thank you for your advises, this is my fist time to write a forum so I'm sorry about my lack information. Anyway I probably will be in US. next year in July and I just want to hike for may be 4-5 hours. I'm very excited to go hiking in US. ,so please tell me where to go. Thank you.

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4. Posted by TeflonCDN (Full Member 129 posts) 1y

July means the weather won't be a factor, however, US is a big place... What state, or states, will you be in?

5. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 1y

Try cooler places for July hiking. Maybe one of the redwood parks in California (Pfeiffer Big Sur or Big Basin), or at a higher elevation like in Montana (Glacier National Park) or Wyoming (Yellowstone or Grand Tetons National Parks), or in the Olympic national park, which is a rainforest and stays cool most of the year.

There are lots of just out of the way places, too--but as TeflonCDN said above, the US is a big place and I don't want to start naming spots that may be thousands of miles from where you are planning to go.

6. Posted by Markj212 (Inactive 3 posts) 1y

I always like hiking in the North Eastern United States. The spring or fall is the best time with the temperature being around 60 degrees. Check out sites in New Hampshire.

7. Posted by katzgar (Respected Member 227 posts) 1y

national parks often have great hiking...

8. Posted by sravanireddy (Budding Member 15 posts) 1y

I always support the hiking in the North Eastern United States.

9. Posted by therook (Budding Member 37 posts) 1y

Oregon and Washington have a lot of great hikes. Look up the Columbia Gorge :)