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Visit to Nigeria. Please Help.

Travel Forums Africa and The Middle East Visit to Nigeria. Please Help.

1. Posted by i c e (Respected Member 326 posts) 1y

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Hello Everyone!

I am beginning to plan my trip to Lagos, Nigeria. I am wondering if anyone on here has reliable information that is up to date as to what is needed to get a visa. It seems that I need a letter of invitation. I don't know anyone there, just going as a tourist. Could anyone help me know how I can get this? In my brief searching so far, I have already come across a number of scammers concerning this kind of thing, so I'm a bit wary. How do I avoid being scammed?

Any help would be awesome! Thank you so very much.


2. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2477 posts) 1y


3. Posted by i c e (Respected Member 326 posts) 1y

Yes, I have spent all morning reading up there. Thank you Terrry.

The issue is that it does not tell me how to get the invitation, just that it is needed. I am hoping someone here might know how to help me get the invitation.

Thank you.

4. Posted by hasbeen (Respected Member 664 posts) 1y

I suggest you write to the Nigerian Embassy and ask them, or the Nigerian Tourism people & their contact form

I forget which country ( not nigeria ) I was applying for a visa for but they had the same requirement. I told them I was a Tourist & did not have a contact in their country. They said not to worry as long as I had sufficient funds, a hotel reservation and a ticket out of the country. Maybe the same applies to Nigeria.

Best of luck - Visas can be such a pain.


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8. Posted by Daniel1 (Budding Member 5 posts) 7w

I hope you find someone reliable here or somewhere in other travel forums. Otherwise , Nigeria is known for lot of scammers. Quite strange that tourists should have letters of invitations while the country is in great need of income from tourism. Good luck.

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