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Singapore to KL - Train or Bus ?

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31. Posted by Traveler007 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y

2mth ago, my friend from KL visit me, when he bought the ticket, the counter staff told him the bus will stop at Koven,

but after Malaysia customs, the driver give him and the rest

( total 3 of them ) a bus ticket from Causeway Link to Kranji

Mrt station and asked 3 of them to find their own way to

Koven. i told my friend maybe coz just 3 of them. today i just

back from KL, so i bought Citiexpress tricket and checked with the counter staff again and she assure me that will stop at

Koven, but same thing happen again, now the driver drop 9

of us at Singapore customs and didnt pick us......there are

a old couples who walking very slow and a very young girl

who fist time come to Singapore for study with 4 big bags..

her relative is waiting for her at Koven while she dont have

any SGD or i pass her my handphone to call her relative and i bring that old couple to taxi stand......i wonder

what will Citiexpress boss feel if that old couples is his/her

parents and the young girl is his/her sister?

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34. Posted by maia_mosquera (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

We'll be going to SG this sept but unfortunately bought promo tickets and schedule of arrival at SG would be almost midnight. Are there buses already available at that time to connect our trip to malaysia?

35. Posted by Penghulu (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

Take the bus !!! it is faster than the train---- strange enough but true : )

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37. Posted by joseph2012 (Inactive 16 posts) 4y

I think if you are go through Bus then you will get benefit of natural beauty but it depend on your time, I mean If you have enough time then Bus is best option.

38. Posted by maia_mosquera (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

Well thanks a lot. Maybe its best to travel daytime as what uve said.

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