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Australia in March 2016

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31. Posted by Dank91 (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y

Hey everyone!

Myself and my friend land in Melbourne 30th March. We don't really have much of a plan other than we know we will defo need to be working pretty soon because our saving hasn't quite gone to plan haha! We're heading up the east coast and want to do our farming work at some point too. Be great to have some connections while we're out there :)))


32. Posted by Jordan.1985 (Budding Member 62 posts) 1y

Hey Danni i'll be in Melbourne around then im planning on going to the F1 then going from there. So maybe we could meet up at some point before or out there? im open to meet new people as going on my own is a big thing so hopefully will meet plenty of new people. Looking forward to it.


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33. Posted by Dank91 (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y

Sounds amazing. When is the f1 event ? Are you going specifically for that? :) I'm basically going to meet new people, new cultures and obviously see the sights of the world! Like I say it's always more appealing when you know a few people who are I the same position so I'm all for meeting up and chatting with anyone in the same boat :)

34. Posted by Jordan.1985 (Budding Member 62 posts) 1y

17th / 20th March Danni I have worked my trip around seeing a F1 at Albert park. I've never seen one love motor racing. And the Brits will be buzzing in the sun with Hamilton starting the season as 3 times world champion 😊 anyway I don't know what plans are i'm like you welcome to meet new people and have a great time.


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35. Posted by Emma91 (Budding Member 29 posts) 1y

Who knew the Irish accent was so popular 😝

Ryan, I'm staying with family for a few weeks first, in Sydney. I'd like to do farming sooner rather than later as that's where the most money is made I've been told. So that will bump up the money I'll have already saved. Travelling shall commence after that :)

Sounds like everyone is going in March so! I'm a month later ha!

I may not be able to meet for drinks in London, but feel free to pm me with Facebook details, I definitely want to keep in contact with people and maybe come up with some plans 😊

36. Posted by Chels10xx (Budding Member 8 posts) 1y

I think you can press the little email box next to the persons name, I have tried and failed though lol.


37. Posted by Jordan.1985 (Budding Member 62 posts) 1y

Cheers Chelsey I've sent you a PM Hun xx

38. Posted by shreyamadhu (Budding Member 11 posts) 1y

Visiting the blue mountains, drive along the Great Ocean Road, Wildlife Cruise, Diving the Great barrier reef and exploring the cave of wonders are some of the best things to do when in Australia.

39. Posted by Ryan-2015 (Budding Member 12 posts) 1y

Hey Guys,

Hows your planning going?

After changing my mind over and over I decided I am going to Aus as planned but not until April / May.

Would be great to get in touch and discuss plans.

40. Posted by RosieM16 (Budding Member 11 posts) 1y

I'm looking to work out and travel January 2016 solo too if anyone Wants to new up or give any tips
So new to all this 😁