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suggestions for my travel "burnout"?

Travel Forums General Talk suggestions for my travel "burnout"?

1. Posted by djthorpe91 (Budding Member 13 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I say "burnout" because I am not sure if it is that exactly.

a quick overview -

I am a solo traveller. Last September I went to Indonesia for 2 weeks, the start of my travels. I had a really great time there.
Then I went to Australia on the working holiday visa in October for a year, I stayed in Sydney the whole year (I was only planning to stay a few months but I was with a great bunch of people, and being in one place meant it was easier to save money). In the beginning I wasn't enamoured but when I found good people I loved it, and in the end I was very sad to leave.

So, this October I went to South America, I started in Brazil and now I am in Argentina then plan to go to Chile, then will probably have to go home.

Since I have come to SA, there's been something not sure what exactly, but I havent been enjoying myself as much as I'd like, I haven't met many good people. I travelled to Southeast Asia before and the "vibe" seemed to be a little better there.

I am in Buenos Aires and go to Mendoza tomorrow. Ive been in a few different hostels here and they are all lacking something, I feel bored alot of the time and right now I feel apathetic about it all. I am thinking I prefer to live abroad to travelling.

I miss having friends, having a kitchen to cook in. I think I don't like dorm rooms anymore. And recently I havent wanted to party much, partying with strangers doesn't seem so fun.

so whats the problem here? I feel bad because I am travelling so I should be having fun, but that makes me feel worse. I was supposed to go to a couple of other places before Mendoza but I can't be bothered. Doesn't seem interesting to me.

my plan is to go to Valparaiso and work in a hostel there for at least a month, if not longer. Maybe I need some stability. Maybe I just havent met the right people yet. Maybe I miss Sydney too much. Maybe its not the right season.

so, any help or comments or anything to try and help me understand this would be great

2. Posted by CheersT (Inactive 2578 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I assume you don't speak Spanish. Situation is obvious then...


3. Posted by berner256 (Moderator 859 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Travel isn't easy; and sometimes it's not much fun. But it can be rewarding, depending on what you want out of it. For me, it's the excitement of discovery; of seeing old friends and making new ones.

Not all trips are the same. Some are better than others. The good ones are the ones where you'd be willing to go on even when the journey's end is in sight.

My initial trip around the world took about 18 months. I had planned to travel at least two years. Near the end, I was tired, having fallen ill several times; eventually winding up in a hospital in Bangkok. I figured it was time to go home, so I cut short the rest of my trip through Asia. But that first trip was so memorable that I've continued traveling. But instead of a year or more on the road, it's usually a few months at a time. For all the excitement and joy of travel, I find there's no place like home.

One more thing. Pace yourself. No need to rush about going from place to place. Take time to enjoy.

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4. Posted by djthorpe91 (Budding Member 13 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Quoting CheersT

I assume you don't speak Spanish. Situation is obvious then...


I speak a little Spanish, and I also took lessons here for two weeks and I want to learn more.

I totally understand travel isn´t always easy or fun etc. I travelled in Southeast Asia for 4 months, which made me get the travel bug. There were definitely difficult times (loneliness, illness, being robbed) BUT there were many good times I remember well.

The problem I have now is that I have travelled for around 6 weeks now, and I can´t remember a really good time. I saw a couple of tourist sights which were nice, but that´s it. I´ve met people but no one particularly great. I´m just wondering how much longer I have to travel here for me to have a good time...or if its me...maybe I have changed since two years ago when I first went travelling, maybe my prioties have changed now. This is what i am thinking.

5. Posted by berner256 (Moderator 859 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Change is constant. If you're not having such a great time, maybe it's time to move on. As I've said before, "travel is a voyage of discovery, about yourself; about others." Hope this helps.

6. Posted by Andyf (Moderator 837 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I totally sympathise.

My girlfriend is ready for home after a month of travel. Own bed, own kitchen and sofa, see the family and do mundane things like the gym, supermarket shopping, and going to work.

My own tolerance is a bit longer, but we do now plan shorter travels, and try to vary our travel style if going for longer. We'll stick a cruise in among the hostelling to keep us fresh.

For us, going home and being mundane for a while refreshes our travel bug, so we're ready for more and we appreciate the sights all the more. You may be different, but perhaps consider changing something - a completely different style of travel, or going home for a while, get an ordinary job (sorry I'm making presumptions here as I don't know your circumstances) for six months or a year. Maybe that would let you look at yourself in context of what you've seen and done to get a sense of how travel has changed you - and then you can choose new goals to move forward.

Personally, I'm a split personality: I need the stimulation of travel, as well as projects and being productive. Too much of either drives me crazy, so I've learnt to strike a balance.

7. Posted by mapsandmoxie (Full Member 196 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I don't think anyone but you can really understand why / where that desire has gone. I hit the slightly tired of travel mark at about 10 months of leisure travel, after travelling non-stop for 2 1/2 years with work.... but then moved abroad, and even still have a weekend at minimum away every couple of months. But then, one of my exes hated being away from home for more than 2-3 weeks and had to know there was an end in sight before he'd even head out. Nobody can tell you what will work for you.

That being said, I would look at how you've been travelling, and what you want out of it. Are you going through the motions instead of wanting to see things? Ie. forcing yourself to see things just because you're there. If that's the case, it may just be a matter of slowing down and appreciating the quirky local places before moving on. Are you lonely? Maybe joining a tour group for a few days or weeks would help. Have you tried different travel styles? Tours, hostels, cruises, volunteering, workaways, etc. all have different feelings to them, and it is worth exploring the different options.

Not sure if that helps, but hopefully it's food for thought.

8. Posted by djthorpe91 (Budding Member 13 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the replies, it's good advice

I met a couple of friends in Santiago which was nice, now I have just arrived in Valparaiso and plan to work in a hostel until at least early January.

I still feel kinda the same and now i am having a bit of a crisis in my head about what to do.

I don't want to go home yet because I don't want to end my trip on a bad note, and I don't want to go back in winter either. I am tired of struggling nearly every day, trying to find food or a restaurant where I feel comfortable to eat alone, tired of trying to find people to go out with and tired of feeling uncomfortable wearing shorts because of the men here. I have been bored quite alot too, ive met people but they all have different plans and are nearly always travelling with other people. Now its got to the point i cant be bothered to meet people.

i really miss Australia and im seriously considering going back there for a few weeks, but its expensive from here and id spend most of my money on the flight.

i think the only thing keeping me in South America is wanting to see my Chilean friend who comes back in Jan/Feb, and my Argentinian friend who will probably come back in Feb too.

9. Posted by siouxsiesoo (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

You've had some good advice from the other posts....some points I can add that will (maybe) help.

Since you've been in SA for awhile, perhaps it's time to move on. Try to save as much money as possible up until Jan/Feb when you visit your Chilean/Argentinian friends. Then, go back to Australia, as you seem to be happiest there. Yes, it will cost a lot of money to get there, but if you have enough, I say go for it. You can always find a job there and stay for a long as it takes to save up enough money for your next trip, where ever that may take you.

Who knows, you may end up just staying in Oz. It's a huge country in itself, with tons of things to explore and lovely people to meet.

Good luck to you!

10. Posted by Peter (Admin 6207 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Have you considered something like WWOOFing? Finding a farm to settle at for a while might be a good thing and feeling like you're being useful would help counter the apathy.