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From Norway to South Africa

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1. Posted by Krestain (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Alright, first let me introduce myself and give a little backgound story so you guys can understand why i am doing what i am planning to do, and just introductions, you know.

Hello! :) my name is Morten. I am a born and raised Norwegian, 19 years old and i have lived in Norway for my entire life in a peaceful little town called Steinkjer, quite as dead central Norway as you can get it. I have travelled before by myself but not in a hiking manner, or in the more.. simpler forms of travel if i should put it in that way, like hiking across countries, sleeping in nothing but a sleeping bag, working for accomodation, you get the gist. The only time i ever really travelled anywhere by myself was when i decided to have myself a little vacation in London at the age of 16 without my parents knowledge, running off to visit my beautiful girlfriend which my parents denied me to go see at the time (because well obviously i was 16 and no parents can imagine their son being able to take care of himself in london at the age of 16) and so i fooled them both, took whatever money i had and hopped on a plane to london and had myself a blast with my girlfriend for two weeks. This happened twice. And yes i got busted. But London is a safe city, getting there is not hard and getting around in london is much easier and so ofcourse it all went fine. That was back in 2013, and i am still with the same girl (She is born and raised in london and shes lived there all her life) so we still unfortunately have a long distance relationship which tears on your soul after a while.

Now she is currently staying in Cape Town, South Africa on a work placement through her Bachelors degree in events manegement, and im still stuck in miserable Norway, missing her like nothing ive ever felt before. So decided i wanted to fly from Norway to South Africa to visit her, its been 6 months since ive last seen her and well lets just say that a flight from one of the northernmost countries in the world to one of the southernmost is way above the budget of a 19 year old, currently unemployed and uneducated person as myself (By uneducated i mean multiple college course drop out, i have finished a course in business in bournemouth, england but thats pretty much it.) But enough about that. I have seen some cheap flights that are doable, but right now i am in a situation which simply wont allow me to spend over £6-700 on a flight there, not if i want to eat food aswell x)

Now, I would describe myself as a pretty streetwise person, i tend to get around most places i find myself in, quite able taking care of myself if need be, and not to brag but i also consider myself a nice person that tends to get along with everbody quite easily and have a knack for talking and bartering my way trough shit. But i have seriously never embarked on such an adventure and journey as what i am about to throw myself into now, and with no experience i need some advice guys.

So heres the plan. I want to hike all the way from god damn Norway to South Africa if possible. If not, then atleast down to Spain or Northern Africa and take a boat or a plane from there to cape town or johannesburg and then BOOM goal. Hiking my way through europe wont be a problem for me, sounds like everybody else made it and you only really have to pass through three countries to get to italy or spain from here, so the journey from Norway to spain or morocco should be easy. If i could hike through africa, i would. But i dnt wnt to fall in the hands of either ISIS, or some cannibal warlord ready to cut my jimmies off and serve me as stu (Avoiding this would atleast be pretty great if possible) so thats why im seriously considering stopping in northern africa or as far as i can go into africa, and flying or sailing from there the rest of the way. NOW, heres what i am wondering. What way would you recommend i get to south africa from europe? Can i jump on a cargo boat/plane anything cheap from spain/morocco/tunisia/egypt etc. or is it possible to hitch hike all the way through africa? I am guessing the answer to the latter is NO, not without my limbs and internal organs still intact, but any advice and/or experiences shared is greatly appreciated. When it comes to budget, shit i wont really have anything more than perhaps around 5-7000 NOK to go on. Is this doable people? Can i be be lucky and work on a fishing boat or something in morocco which HAPPENS to go to cape town forexample? ANDDD Hey fuck it if anybody else is travelling, ill be happy to be your companion to wherever you going :)

2. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2567 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Dear Morten,

You seem like a nice kid, but just dumb/naive enough that you need some tough love. With all due respect, here's a few things to consider...

1.) Hiking: Give your head a shake and for crying out loud look at a map. How much time (and money) do you think it would take you to hike/walk/hitch-hike/etc. almost 16,000 km? Wake up.

2.) Magical Fee Rides: A fishing boat in Morocco that sails all the way to Cape Town to sell its catch? Honestly, what planet do you live on?

3.) All other made-up romantic notions: Man up and start thinking logically. There are no free rides for someone who can't even find a job in their own country... and has no skills, no trade, no experience.

Here's what I'd suggest you do:

1.) Budget: Your travel budget of £600-700 for transport is already sufficient. Why try to make things impossibly complicated and difficult when you can already afford the flight? In less than 30 seconds I easily found multiple options for way under your £700 budget - that's return air fare Oslo to Cape Town including all taxes. Who knows what you could arrange with an actual diligent search that explores the multitude of flight options available out there?

2.) Research the paperwork:

3.) Get a job: Live frugally and save every penny.

There's no reason whatsoever why you can't easily make this happen. Stop looking for magical shortcuts and simply do it.

Have fun and good luck.

Happy New Year.


3. Posted by Krestain (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Ouch, salty. Well, hiking can get you to spain in less than 48 hours, but anywhere between 3 to 4 days is realistic, going on previous experiences from travellers going through europe, hiking is quite easily done through central europe so the straight to spain should be quite easy without much money needed. Lorry drivers tend to be the ones to aim for sometimes, and can take you quite far between major european cities. From oslo to berlin and onwards to paris really isnt a problem. and then onwards to spain forexample. Really man, if you look it up, people have gone to places further away than spain with nothing but dust in their pockets. Once in spain, i should be able to find somebody nice enough with a boat to take me from gilbraltar to morocco or any other northern african country, with or without money. From there a flight to south africa or any other african country bordered with south africa wouldnt be to hard to find :) and most likely alot cheaper than what you would be able to find online, even if you were so skilled to find one for £5-600. And if you read the text closely aswell it said that flights really are no option since i would also have to afford food and possibly other expenses related to staying in cape town for a while even though the rand isnt worth much, money has a tendency to burn quite easily anyway, from what people have told me that live down there. When it comes to the fishing boat we all know it wouldnt, but a boat from any african country to another one? Yes. Cargo, whatever it might be. Now lets say i picked a different route, and chose to skip france and go through italy instead and then greece - egypt, and IF i would resort to flights now, egyptair has flights to cape town from cairo for £250-300, which would save even further. And we all KNOW, africa is non hikeable, as i wrote in the text aswell: "If i COULD, hike across africa i WOULD. But not if i wna keep my limbs and internal organs intact." So no, nobody is going to be hiking 16.000 km across europe and africa to go to Cape Town. No no no sir, i say take ur salty balls elsewhere, always see sollutions not obstacles.

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4. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2567 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Good luck and have fun.


5. Posted by Peter (Admin 6188 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

You basically need to find the cheapest place to fly to South Africa from that is within hitchhiking distance. You say hiking (ie, walking), but I assume you mean hitch hiking since you say you can get to Spain in 48 hours. That's not possible if you're genuinely hiking.

You might want to do some searching, but the cheapest option I can find that is potentially achievable is Istanbul. You can get flights from Istanbul to Cape Town from £194 one way.

You can also fly the whole way from Oslo to Cape Town (also via Istanbul) for £ 332 . This is actually quite a good price. Flights from Morocco are from £ 384 so that's not worth hiking to. Flights from London might be worth looking at, but it really seems like Oslo is not a bad option to fly out of all things considered. Either that, or Istanbul to maybe save a few dollars.

p.s. if you want to know what it's actually like to slow travel across Africa (on a bicycle), check out Rob and Pol's blog. Some good reading there :)

6. Posted by berner256 (Moderator 840 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Peter has some excellent suggestions. Also consider Rome, where Ethiopian Airlines has decent roundtrip fares to Cape Town. I checked travel dates in March.

It makes little sense to travel overland, or by sea, to South Africa. You won't save money; and you'll probably have to spend more. Crossing borders is one problem. You'll need visas; and they will cost. Plus, you may need to show that you have the wherewithal to travel in each country; and possess onward transportation.

I've traveled through much of Africa. Hitchhiking and sleeping outdoors aren't viable options for a variety of reasons, including safety. But if you're determined -- and won't be deterred -- it's better to wend your way through East Africa than West Africa. Begin either in Ethiopia or Kenya, then travel south. Take a look at the East Africa itineraries of adventure tour companies such as Cape Town-based Nomad. You'll find the routes are well traveled. That's not the case in West Africa. I speak from personal experience, having traveled there by land and sea, most recently in October.

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